Lets go shopping!

Lets go shopping!

Wow, June is almost at an end and I’ve barely given you the time of day. It doesn’t keep any of you from flocking to me, weak and unable to stop yourself from losing all control at my feet. Its such a beautiful thing when I get to exploit you and I don’t even have to try. Summer has hit full swing and I’ve been spending almost every day swimming. I’m a summer baby, so I thrive in the water, just as long as it’s a nice clean pool and not some disgusting fish filled lake.. anyway, my birthday is around the corner as you are already well aware of.

My birthday is July 13th. I’m two weeks away from being 25! Which means the countdown has begun on who can prove their devotion the most, and spoil me the way I deserve. As you know the more I receive, the more greedy I become. I just can’t stop myself, I derive too much pleasure from your pain, and money makes me wet.

Now I know I’ve been promising some new clips for c4s, and I know you’re waiting at the edge of your seat checking back here EVERY day hoping for a new clip to obsess over, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Which means you get to keep waiting, and I get to continue laughing at how pathetic you are. I’m sure I’ll make a few to end the month of June and break in the best month of the year, MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, so be prepared to sink even further into submission, corruption, obsession, & lust all at the hands of Me.

Oh and beansdad, did you get my email? Wasn’t sure if you picked up on the fact that I found a photo of you. Didn’t you say you’re only 160 pounds? ha! You need to remeasure your weight, and how ready you are to be at my beck and call, because I have a lot planned for you weak one.




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