Know your Role, Drone

Captive Soul from Lullaby in Lust set to photos & facts from the Season of the Siren series. Remember to thumbs up & leave devoted musings of love and adoration.

You boys have gotten VERY lucky! Because poshtopiapet approached me for a custom and the custom he wanted was already a clip idea on my list. He paid $50 to have it moved to the top of my list, and now he will pay the $50 to buy it as it is already published and ready in my niteflirt goodybags. Remember, I DO NOT take requests. This was a coincidence he had a desire for a clip that matched what I was already planning to do in the future. How lucky lucky lucky for you all as this puts quite a few new pieces of POSHY mindfuck material into your hands. What a bunch of greedy addicts you are too, as you have all gobbled up every drop like it is heaven for you. And of course, serving me CAN BE HEAVEN as long as you’re a good boy! If you find you’re in hell you might want to blame yourself for that one ha.


Know your Role, Drone


There is also a new audio file available called It’s a No-brainer No Brain Boy!

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Money Slave Bitch

GODDESS POSH, Yess thank YOU for telling me this,. i know You do the things that bring You pleasure and I am content that i can contribute to Your pleasure, hmm YOUR PLEASURE is my pleasure,,, and YOU have claimed me, something in the back of my mind tells me this is right , YOUR PREROGATIVE. THANKS also for the hypnotic No brainier recording it’s running somehow in background even though it’s finished playing! Strange… I worship Your lovely picture with my name on it, and it certainly looks like You are enjoying the coke and Yourself, mmmm it feels… Read more »

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In Debt In Love Enslaved

Goddess Posh, thanks for allowing us to listen to the Captive Soul song….the combination of melody, Your hauntingly beautiful voice, Your powerful comtrolling lyrics and Your eye-popping slide show provides enough power in itself! It works its way perfectly into the Lullaby in Lust film as well!