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Joy Ride .. Upcoming Financial Domination Mind Bending Experience

Joy Ride


You addicts prepare yourselves, coming soon we’ll be going on a little JOY RIDE! I know you are all dying for more of my intoxicating video clips and mp3s so to keep your wait nice and torturous I’m going to let you in on what’s coming up. What fix is right around the corner about to be injected into your little junkie vein.. this JOY RIDE is the perfect culmination of pleasure and pain ..

A mind bending experience awaits those who go for my little joy ride, it’s wild, dangerous and wickedly fun being taken again and again.. you have no control, you’re just the passenger along for the ride. Wherever the Goddess wants to go the little toy has no choice..

JOY RIDE .. It’s obsession deeper than ever before, it’s reckless abandon of all that you are, it’s a little puppet bitch getting to feel the rush of being abused for the pleasure of his Goddess .. it’s a ride for MY joy ..

Joy Ride isn’t available yet, so in the meantime you can get to your bitch knees and start giving me some joy RIGHT NOW with a big fat tribute to MY greatness. Ahhh how I love financial domination, I know a good handful of you just felt weak in the knees being called a bitch and being told to kneel! You’re hopeless.



Yay!!! A Classic Posh Clip is now available again for the first time in 3 years! You must own Forbidden Fruit all of my little POSH PUPPETS!


And lucky you a new MP3 is available for your eager consumption .. Dumb Boy Money Toy

I also have other goody bags available on niteflirt. You need to go to my profile to find them all..

Goddess Posh

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Under the Influence

I always kneel when Goddess speaks her Word. Forbidden fruit is an amazing clip, the first one I was ever blessed with from Goddess Posh. I highly recommed to everyone.

Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

Thank you so much Goddess Posh for these amazingly wonderful pics
Joy ride it s the only way !

Poshatized Puppet
Active Member
Under the Influence
Poshatized Puppet

Yes i love `Forbidden Fruit` too, it tasted so good that i had to buy the video again. So sad i lost those older clips, at least now i have FF back, which was also my first video of Goddess Posh. i love the vip photos and i look forward to see new videos.

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