Jealous of Inanimate objects, aren't you ;)

Jealous of Inanimate objects, aren't you ;)

People are protective of their environment, of the world which surrounds them. This even breeds onto the internet, where the scene of Financial Domination & FemDommes is so prevalent. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to keep your ‘scene’ from being diluted with trash. However, when it comes down to it you’re above the garbage. Trash will sink to the bottom of the pond and those who are truly excellent will be swimming on the surface, shiny and beautiful, like a swan. Why then must those who are obviously superior pick on those who are not?

I’m not going to waste my time picking apart other women, because I know that I am above them and stand out for positive reasons. If I were to tear women apart for who they are I would consider myself to be no better than they are. The garbage is always going to sink, do you really want to be latched onto it when it does? It will never make it to the top, those women are their own worst enemies, they are already so low that picking on them does nothing more than hook you onto their negative energy, when they sink so do you.

I think it’s much more empowering to help other women, to bring them up with you, instead of pushing them down because you’re ‘oh so much better but just in case the world couldn’t tell that on their own I’m going to pick apart other women’. When you are superior to those around you it is not something you need to shout about, or try to force others into seeing, they will be able to figure that out on their own.

As for the men which choose to serve these ‘bottom of the rung" women- who cares, they are not the type of men I’d like serving me, whoever they choose to submit to is a reflection of them as a person. Obviously there are classes of subs/slaves just like there are classes of Dommes, but in the end we all share the same desire to experience D/s.

On to other more important, and much more interesting things. Paul, I will be taking you from your current condition of broken in half to a whole new level. You’re no longer going to be a crying begging for mercy fool, you’re now going to be focusing solely on making me happy. There will be no negative output from you, from now on you will focus on ME and only ME. Financial Lust is not something you can escape, and you don’t want to. You know it eats at you from the inside out and you are going to start selling things in order to keep me happy. I know, you already sell things, but now you’re going to sell your body. Not to other men, that’s too easy. I want to humiliate you more than that. Since you already have an old girlfriend which pampers you like crazy I’ve decided you will use that experience in order to meet other old ladies. Yes, you are going to rent out your body to old women and give me the money. It is going to be lovely, knowing you are suffering even more for me.

My clips truly are fantastic and powerful, and you really will find yourself even more weak for me as you watch them. I’m sure the more recent they are, the better. Obviously, I’ve become more powerful over time and I will continue to do so.

Dear little JW has so much fear over my power, yet he can not stop himself from giving in, even when he is screaming on the inside that once he does he will not be able to turn back. I know he has bought my most recent clip but is still terrified of viewing it. Who can blame him, he understands just how my subtle power can really twist a person around, confusing them, altering their perceptions on reality and creating a weak and servile pet out of them. Oh, you are going to be so much fun once you really get over that hurdle you’ve built for yourself.

I make men jealous of inanimate objects:

Ever been jealous of a stuffed bunny. how about an apple, a pair of socks and a cotton top? Now you are!

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