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it’s your job to be my cash slave bitch

Okay it looks like I won’t get to go on vacation until the end of March now. Had a lot of things come up this month that I have to stay around for, but that just means you have a longer time to send in tributes and contribute and it also means I’ll make it longer than a weekend. Still not sure where I’ll be going, but definitely some place warm!

My site was obviously wacky for a while, someone hacked it, so everything was icky for quite a while but luckily there was someone who was able to fix it for me. Yay. Now it should be perfectly safe for you to log into the website and there shouldn’t be any type of virus issues. Yay .. which means I will be back to updating more.

Speaking of updating I know you’re ready for more clips and more blog posts. I know you want a nice juicy blog post from me all about how amazing and addicting I am and how fucked you are. Doesn’t that make you realize just how damn much you need me?! You can’t stand it when I’m not updating. You start getting nervous and you check back frequently waiting for just a drop of poison from me, sweet sweet poison that you’re sooooo hooked on.

Maybe now you’ll start realizing how much I am worth and how valuable I am. I’m not here to entertain you, you’re here to entertain and be drained by me, so if you’re not going to do a good job of kneeling for me and handing over my cash .. why would I update for you?! The reason I update is actually NEVER for you. It’s for me. When I have something I’d like to share or when I’m interested in mindfucking you deeper. However, hearing from me is a great privilege and treat, so you have to earn it and the only way you little bitches will earn it is by sending my cash!

Don’t forget that is why we are here. I am the addictive money Princess and you are the weak cash machine, your cock the lever, and when I tug on it you better spit out a huge load of cash to your Princess. This is why you were born, to be a total tool in handing over tributes! I love money, I love being served, I enjoy receiving cash from you pets, so why would you ever want to deny that to me?! Only an idiot would actually try to get away with not sending my money. ITS YOUR JOB.

So I expect to see many, many, cash tributes rolling in on my paypal, clipvia, niteflirt and greendot. I expect to see you clicking and spending and begging to be the money machine you were made to be, and I expect you to do all of that without expecting a single damn thing from me in return. Being able to serve ME is a privilege and you will lose out on it if you actually think I have to work for my money.

I don’t have to work for my money. It’s MINE. I’m letting you hold onto it until such time as I’m ready to take it. I’m ready to take it right NOW. I’m the Goddess, and it’s your place to supply me my cash. You are here to make me happy and provide luxury to ME with MONEY. It’s that simple.

Lets go over it one more time.



Lets get that wallet raped, shall we. I’m in the mood.

Goddess Posh

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