It Was So Sweet Of Me..

To let Paul think he had money for a whole day. Just as soon as he felt confident and comfortable he would have enough to eat tomorrow I come along and seduce it right out of his paypal and into mine. How thoughtful of me though, to let him look at it all day long and imagine the many ways he would use it.. to pay bills, buy food. .. the neccessitites of life I suppose. However, he has quickly remember that I am the FIRST neccessity, for without me he can not breathe and really, I would hate for the poor fool to suffocate without having given ME the last of his cash.

Interaction with GODDESS: DELIGHTFUL. I know you want to interact with me, have REAL TIME with me.. real time to worship, to submit, to feel your control spiral down down down and my power to swarm all over you.. Those of you who are intelligent will figure out exactly how to get into MY inner circle. It’s really not that difficult, I promise. I am a Financial Sadist, I am Goddess of MindFuck.. I am a hypnotic, enchanting femme fatale and you WILL figure out exactly what it takes to get some alone time with me. I know your little heart just can’t take it any longer, you feel so drawn in. If you go another minute without speaking to me, declaring your adoration and love for me, without giving in to those weaknesses I exploit so well.. the misery will kill you. We surely wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we..?

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Under the Influence

i know i’ll never be safe from Goddess Posh. i now have only 3 weeks to make 820 pounds for bills plus i have no money to live off of in the meantime.