It Feels So Good to be a Financial Slave to Goddess Posh

I know you’re reading this right now and that makes you vulnerable to my persuasion. You can’t take a little look without becoming hooked or fucked on my financial domination. One little taste of my sweet Poshy venom and you will be begging for more. Just ask the VIP boys, they’ll tell you that all that is ahead for you is a downward spiral or Goddess Posh ..everything else fading away, only my will remaining. It’s too late for you now, just look at yourself. Weak and compelled to keep reading, despite being told of the very real danger. Despite the evidence, think about it.. I have been online for 7 years now weakening helpless wallets. Draining men until they have nothing left. Letting them.. no helping them.. to fall deeply in love with me and then turning them into clicking and spending addicts.. not able to control themselves, because I have all the control! I have made countless men cry for me, beg for me, and spend on me.. I have done all of this and still you are too weak to walk away. Too weak to even crawl away. Here you stay absorbing in more of me. Becoming another one of my little pets.

It feels good to be a financial slave for Goddess. To be under my divine control is what you’ve been craving. It’s all that you need.. to live your life entirely devoted to me.

Become my little pet and finally accept your role in life. Start by sending me a tribute on niteflirt. Trust me it feels so good to let go and just relax under my control. No worries, no thinking, just mindless dedication and obedience and loyalty and love to ME.

VIP boys you need to log in and read more, and the rest of you need to sign up as VIP and spend MORE time, energy & money on Me.

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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Poshatized & Mesmerized

Thank you Goddess Posh for this new post, we need so much yours words.
You’re so right nobody can read yours words with it being mindfucked!
So I am thinking about the possibility to stay a good VIP drone without signing my own blood contract and
It s very hard to imagine it! So I am right now in the desperate feeling to sign one, I probably
Can’t resist too long, but can I really want to resist ?

Poshatized Puppet
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Under the Influence
Poshatized Puppet

i must admit that i am a chicken when i need to hurt myself, but i obeyed and that feels really good. Thank You for allowing me to serve You Goddess.