Intoxicating Financial Domination Goddess

Intoxicating Financial Domination Goddess

Here we are in December and already 11 days shy of Christmas. If you’re reading this & you have yet to contribute to MY Christmas .. what is wrong with you? Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to SHOP SHOP SHOP for me!

Click here and send me a special gift, right now .. go ahead. Mmm good boy, that is what I love – when you OBEY.

Send giftcards to …

I’m practically finished shopping for Christmas, but I’m never finished shopping. Which means you are never finished sending my cash. You boys can tell me about the 24k you’ve sent in the past year, or the $500 you sent two days ago, or the $3k you sent last month but it’s not going to melt my heart and make me suddenly less greedy! Your past tributes do not ensure your place with me. You must continuously strive to provide and serve! You wouldn’t see me hanging out in Macy’s if I didn’t have cash to spend, so I don’t expect to see you hanging out with me (every chance you get) if you’re not able to tribute. Of course, if you are one of my long term slaves you know I will take the time to build a relationship and develop real control over you.. mind, body and wallet. If you’re new to me though do not approach me without a tribute first. That is MY rules, if you don’t like it you’re not meant for me and I don’t care!


(NO GBJ that last portion was not about you .. so don’t panic omg)

I know you’re completely drawn in by my greed. It’s so intoxicating, to see Me in my beauty and in my power, take over one boys world after the other .. turning them each into a drone whose sole mission is to provide MORE CASH to Goddess. I know you can’t look away. That each day you’re drawn back for more, eager to drink in my words and feel yourself weaken by my presence. I know all of this about you, I know your intimate most personal desires even better than you do. I have captivated you, and now you’re just a tool waiting to be put to use. Ready to be used by me, to craft a beautiful life of luxury in which I will never have to go without anything I want (and why should I.. ).


It’s a natural instinct in you as a man to want to provide. I’m not sexist, I might be slightly feminist, and still I enjoy traditional gender roles. I like having boys who provide and take care of me, because it’s a man’s job to pamper and adore the beautiful Princess isn’t it… and to worship & serve the Goddess. I am all you need. I bring you that sense of purpose, fulfillment, and loss of control that you crave and I do it so easily. So effortlessly. I glance in your direction and my eyes turn you to mush, I wash your mind over with my silken words and you being so ensnared with my voice barely register the devious suggestions I implant in you. While I think men and women are equal, it’s obvious you’re not equal with me. Because I’m not just another woman, I am the one who lights up the fire in you. I’m the one that makes you feel SO excited, SO eager, SO ALIVE. I’m not ‘like a drug’ in your veins, I am the life force that pumps through your body .. you can’t even remember how you lived before me and now you’re realizing it’s because you never really did.

Now you will let go of those chains which hold you back, the one’s you place on yourself because of fear, doubt, & anxiety. Cast them away and focus instead on how you can bring fire into MY life, the way I do into yours. Excite me with your service, your cash tributes,  your gifts, your addiction.. show me how weak you are, how strong I am, and how much you truly adore and love me. Worship me on your humble knees and allow the passion I ignite in you to transform into my total domination over you. And that wallet.

It’s the Holiday season, and now, no matter what you were to me this year (a slave, admirer, fan, observer) it’s your chance to really show me how much I mean to you and how much you can’t get enough out of pleasuring me!

Click & spend my little toys!

A note from William (his twitter is @Poshysgoodboy)

It is hard to truly describe the effect Goddess Posh’s clips
have had on my life and my mind. They are so ingrained into my very being that
I can no longer tell what were parts of my natural submissive self and which
parts have been subtly implanted by Goddess. Neither do I want to know. Just
like my memory, the line has become fuzzy over time and now I simply cannot
imagine a day going by without a reviewing of an original Goddess Posh clip.
The overriding essence of each Goddess Posh clip is truth.
In every gaze from her eyes, every utterance from her glossed lips speaks a
Goddess that knows she has her viewer exactly where she wants. I think this was
what first brought me to her clips and made me return time and again (or maybe
she wanted me to return and this was always part of her plan). More than any
other so called “Goddess”, here was an image of true perfection; a Goddess that
spoke with such sincerity and passion that you knew she believed every word and
knew it would only be a matter of time before you would too. It was less a case
of her invading my mind, more a case of me inviting her in and being thankful
for it. I cannot imagine my life without her control.
Of course naturally her truth became my truth.  Day after day of watching and
re-watching her clips and any shred of resistance to her will falls to her blinding perfection.
With every day that passes my addiction grows stronger, my mind falls deeper
and her grip over my life tightens. I knew I had to have them all and so my
addiction to Goddess Posh clips grew equally with my addiction to Goddess
herself. I watch my clips obsessively and lose myself ever more with every
viewing. She never fails to deepen my desire in fulfilling her wants and wishes
and I becoming increasingly better at taking in all those little words, like
gospel. It just feels so good to just listen and obey.


A few of my slaves are on twitter – they obsessively read my tweets and stalk my every move right boys.. now you can do the same to them. hehe

John is @yeboevals

William is @poshysgoodboy

Mueller is @idealsubject

EG is @PoshPuppet

hookerpet is @weakpet

bumbler is @t9er1

Anyway I don’t know if I’ll be updating my clip store or blog before Christmas again. I probably will .. but you know you can reach me on my niteflirt line and on yahoo. Just remember if you are new to me do not add me on yahoo messenger without sending a tribute first. So many of you think you can add me and then I’ll fall for your little lines. Hello, I am not new to this buddy. Move along. I’m not desperate for money so you can’t dangle any magical carrots in front of my face and expect me to jump.  Money does not control me. I control boys and their money, not the other way around.


Happy Holidays to all!
Remember, Goddess comes FIRST. It’s time we victimize your wallet, don’t you think.. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without your cash in MY accounts. Where it belongs.


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