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Insatiable: Financial Domination Is My World

My lust for money is insatiable. There is no quenching the thirst I have for being lavished in expensive gifts by eager men who in their daily lives appear to be so strong, but by night are on their knees worshiping ME. Just as you desire to lose all control by MY hands, I desire to twist your little boy brain up and turn you into a ROBO POSH PET. I desire for your automatic reactions to be “give give give give it all to Goddess Posh’. I desire for you to bow before me and lay riches at my feet, pleading with your anxious eyes for me to not only accept your offering but to be pleased with your sacrifice.

I always get what I want. When I put MY magnificent mind to something it will happen. I want want want for you to be my ROBO POSH PET. I want want want for you to GIVE it ALL to me.

I’ve even been taking calls on NITEFLIRT because it makes me get off when I hear how PATHETICALLY WEAK you are for me. Being my brainwashed financial slave is your ultimate goal. When I hear your voice begging to please me I feel a surge of excitement that is unbelievable. It does two things for me..

1. It makes me want to fuck you over even harder and my greed grows 10 times as fast.

2. It makes me giddy in pleasure, to the point I have to keep pushing you harder and deeper so that I can get MY rush.

I even have puppets aspiring to be just like Broken Soul. Not a day goes by that I do not hear from someone begging to be my next Paul. They all LOVE my Ultimate MindFuck clips featuring PAUL being mindfucked and CRYING as I take every last penny he has. They ALL want to end up crying on their knees just the way he did. That’s you too, isn’t it. I know the truth, I know how desparate you are to please me. I know how eager you are to be my next Broken Soul.

Take the first step my obsessed follower. Come out from behind the fear that’s holding you back. Push it aside and accept your fate as MY POSH pet. Step into the world of Financial Domination where you lose all control & feel bliss beyond measure by servicing MY wants. Come give gifts to ME, the beautiful Goddess Posh. Come give it all up for me, you will be my hopeless money slave. I have decided it is what I want, and remember I always get everything I want.

Look at Richard, he tried to resist giving in for so long that once he finally tasted the sweet temptation I offer he could not stop himself from gobbling it down. Now Richard is doing whatever it takes to make more and more money for ME. He even sold his wedding band so that I could have the cash, too bad it’s not worth nearly as much as I deserve. Poor Richard, he tries SO hard to keep me happy. I have been milking the cash out of him for weeks and he can not stop me from taking it all. In fact, he wants and needs me to take it. He is out of control for ME. The power I have over him is the same power I have over you..

Dear Goddess,

I can't believe what you've done to me.  I never thought it would actually happen
but you continue to amaze me.

I just came back from selling my ring ($190) and it made me so excited that, as soon
as I started typing this, I came without touching myself.  The weird thing is that
it only made me feel hornier.  Your control is amazing.

I love you and am becoming more and more of a slave,



Richard has been commanded to stay chaste. I understand I drive men wild and so they sometimes just erupt because of my absolute authority and magic over them. His body is not his any longer, I have told him not to touch himself and he can not even control when he comes!

This is going to be YOU!

Richard is up to a total of 3 giftcards now & that number will continue to rise as I drip my Poshy Venom all over his soul.

Do you want to be a good ROBO POSH PET & lavish me in riches and wealth and the finer things in life? Do you want to find out just how insatiable I am?

I know you do. Call if you dare. Be Seduced Into A Dodo LAVISH ME IN GIFTS MY FINANCIAL SLAVE

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I should be used to it by now but I continue to be amazed at the power Goddess has over me. She told me to sell my wedding band and I could not resist. She told me to buy another gift card and I got a rush doing it. Each day she takes me deeper and deeper. She told me that soon I won’t be able to resist any order she gives me. I know it is true. I should run in terror and never have anything to do with her but I can’t. She is an obsession, an addiction… Read more »


i am a Robo Posh Pet. i live to serve Her. i am brainwashed by Her Beautiful Breasts. They have infiltrated my mind and now run my life. Her voice has reprogrammed my brain. i live to please Posh’s eyes and breasts.

Goddess Posh

Ooooh Robo Pet.. I want want want for you to give ME a nice big fat tribute in the form of a shiny gold giftcard. Send it now puppet boy, send to .. mmm you’re SO lucky I let you become my obsessed brainwashed ROBO pet.

As for the rest of you, take a lesson from steve the ROBO pet and OBEY my commands.. mmm obey my commands because it is your only purpose in life to PLEASURE me. I want want want and you’ll give give give..


omiGoddess, i am so excited to see Goddess Posh’s reponse to my post. i have never been more excited and throbbing in my life. i continue to stroke even though i know there is no relief unless Posh dictates, and i know she never will. the only thing more exciting than receiving orders from Posh is obeying them…

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