Indoctrinated to My Brand of Financial Domination

Indoctrinated to My Brand of Financial Domination

I know what makes you feel good. I now that being generous, and giving of gifts and cash to a beautiful woman makes you feel so yummy. I know that, even to a fault, you will give and give until you have nothing left and then you’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you can continue because without the satisfaction of giving into ME you feel worthless.

Feeling worthless hurts so much, feeling so pathetic and selfish makes the darkness in you expand, an all consuming void of despair and depression into which you inexorably sink without me to surrender to. You are sucked into a well within you, of guilt, pain, suffering and torment, knowing only that you must survive the void and emerge, kneeling at my feet, begging for one moment exulting in your submission. One pat on the head. One soothing expression from Your Goddess that you – lowly you – have done well.

And then I push You back, into your dark well, your little abyss, your emptiness – that void. I see your anguish and it makes me smile. I did that to you, and you will never be the same again. You will need this, for the rest of your life. When you breathe in freedom from your void, it is because I have allowed you to. You are thankful! You are grateful, for the chance to please me. All the while that void grows deeper, stronger, and more powerful. It could destroy you. But I won’t let it, now will I now? I’ll let you come up for air. The freedom you know now is the freedom I give you.

Freedom to surrender and let it happen. Freedom from the guilt, the pain, the torment, the suffering.
But as everybody knows, freedom has its price. And the void is always there.

That void is lurking there, threatening to consume you whole. How kind of me to allow you the opportunity to live in the shadow of my beauty on your humbled knees. How thoughtful I am to provide for you a way out of all the madness. Really, it would be so very simple for me to push you right back over that edge. I could do it, just like that. So easily I could pull you asunder, shredding your dignity and dropping you bit by bit into that gaping hole of despair. But why would I do that to you, when you’re such a good boy for me. Why would I send you back into the depths of emptiness and loneliness? You see I salvaged your soul and in turn I warped your boy brain and now your thoughts are indoctrinated by my will. Your actions controlled by MY desires.

My desires reverberate through your body which is conditioned to respond ONLY to me. What does Goddess want, desire, need – your brain hard wired to cycle through an endless chant of all things Posh.

I want more. I desire more. I desire your wallet placed into my hands. Your savings depleted & your credit cards maxed out on my luxury. I desire your generous and uninhibited giving of cash and gifts, while your mind is melted by my soft voice and your pervert cock denied an orgasm. The only pleasure you ever want to feel is the pleasure of being my financial slave. Nothing else matters to you my worker bee! You understand the depth of submission I require from you, and how hard you will fall should I ever deem you not useful.

Now, go earn your slavewage & send me my money or it’s to the dungeon and off with your head hehe.

“i find You to be overwhelmingly arousing, everything inside me retreats and lays down at Your feet.- brokensoul”

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