Independence Day

Independence Day

The holiday weekend is here, the epitome of summer we all know and love. BBQ, lakes, beaches, friends, family, ball games  and so much more. The celebration of liberty, freedom and all that jazz. Yet, while I am away camping and enjoying the quintessential American summer, you’ll be spending your Independence day chained up & I have the key.


As your friends are around you, enjoying red white and blue desserts, you’ll remember my stained red lips from Forbidden Fruit, the way my mouth seductively coos at you and calls you into dark & deviant places. How my beauty leaves you unable to think, unable to control yourself, unable to stop from falling to your knees in worship. Your balls will become BLUE as you remember you are not  to cum without permission, which means a whole weekend of no masturbation. Yet, everything around you reminds you of me, and you are left tortured and helpless once again.

As the day continues you sneak off with your phone, to your PC, to a friends computer, whatever it takes to get close to me, and you read my journal AGAIN, you buy my clips AGAIN, you obsess over me some more. While your friends are supposedly celebrating freedom (we all know its just an excuse to get drunk) you are locked up in a dark room dreaming about my luscious full breasts, and how badly you would love to be on your knees looking up at me. When you finally go back to the group, because it would be rude not to and mainly you know if you stay too long you’ll end up sending me all of your cash and your wife or girlfriend or family will become suspicious and find out just how kinky you really are, you still can’t stop thinking about me.


As fireworks shoot into the nights sky, you remember how explosive it feels when you are serving me. How much power I have over you, how much control I take from you, how weak I leave you filled with lust and desires.


The end of the day will leave you with the knowledge that for you this is not Independence day, this is the day of shackles & chains, and you’re my captive. For you, there is no freedom from me. I own your body & your mind, you are trapped beneath my sexy heels. For you, this day is a celebration of your true dependence on me, because you need me for happiness. While everyone around you is laughing, you’re dying on the inside because you miss me, you can’t live without me, and you are hopeless. The rope that binds you is of lust, corruption, & addiction. Now you understand I did not give you those chains, you already had them, I only fastened you to me with them. No matter where you go in life you’ll always have those chains, and its people like me who capture you & use you until you can’t be used up anymore. And you LOVE it. It feels so good, you are deeply disturbed by your pleasure but unable to stop yourself from letting go and releasing all control to me, because it feels so good. Only I can do that to you.


This weekend is a celebration of your independence from lies, and your dependence on the truth. You need ME, and I hold the key. This goes for all of you, not just you Americans, because you’re ALL addicted to me, but you all came with those addictions in the first place. I just pounced.

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