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In The Spirit of Holiday Commercialism & Self-Indulgent Pay Puppets

The holiday season is here. Since even before Halloween I’ve been tempted and teased so cruelly by the mass selling of CHRISTMAS paraphernalia. I promised myself ‘wait until after Halloween and then go crazy kid’!

I know this Holiday you’ll be indulging in your little puppet needs. Oh yes, I see right through your guise. I know you NEED to lose control, I know you NEED to feel special, I know you NEED to be used, I know you NEED to give it ALL up to ME. You can’t hide your true feelings and desires from Goddess and since I know I’ll be taken really good care of by MY pets, I decided to take really good care of you in return.

Now is your time to SHINE, will you be the best puppet this Christmas or is Santa Clause going to be leaving you coal!? Show me how much you adore me by loading ME up with big fat giftcards, hefty paypal deposits and lots and lots of yummy gifts. Mmmm I know you won’t disappoint me because you’re such a good brainwashed puppet and you worship your favorite Money Domme Goddess Posh with every ounce of your being.

Since you’ve been doing such a good job making ME happy I’m going to allow you the chance to become even more obsessed and addicted to my sweet temptations by offering you the following:

I’m going to allow you to treat yourself to MY files at a 10% discount!Financial Domination Hypnodomme Files 10% Off

Buy these files through my store and you will be able to receive a holiday friendly discount. While most people are stuffing each others stockings with trinkets and toys, you’ll be stuffing your brain with more POSH. Mmmmm.

This Holiday is all about POSH. The worship of ME, the praising of ME, the addiction to ME.. yes, all if it will be wrapped up nicely with a pretty bow, and tucked sweetly into your little boy brain.

Not only can you purchase all of my amazingly addictive files at 10% off but you also get to have these 3 at a special discount.

Paypal & Yahoo ID25% off
Regularly $200 now $150

Edging15% off
Regularly $70.00 now $59.50

Series of Destruction20% off
Regularly $150 now $120

While you are stocking up on my financial domination and brainwash files, I will be stocking up on your cash and using it to indulge MY desires.

I know it’s uncommon for me to offer something so generous as a discount, but I do have my own agenda. I am sure you will go on a BINGE unlike no other & all of you who have been too CHEAP in the past will finally get the chance to feel MY power when you finally give in and PURCHASE every single file. All of this will leave you hungry for MORE Posh, and when I do remove the discount at the end of the year I will also be RAISING the prices of my files another 10%- and you won’t be able to stop yourself from giving in.

Yes my gift to you is feeding that addiction of yours, and creating in you even more of a need for ME. I’m truly so very thoughtful aren’t I.

This is my holiday want list, shop it ’til your pretty little credit card is maxed out!


If you’re using my Posh Guide to Overcoming your Financial Domination Addiction you can take this opportunity to complete step five- Making up for your past transgressions against your Goddess. Instead of just watching your Goddess from a distance and having dirty pervert thoughts you can embrace this Holiday season by shopping from MY Holiday want list and purchasing those files you’ve long obsessed over.

mmmm we are going to have a very merry Christmas puppet boy. It’s so sexy when you lose control for me.

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Under the Influence

It should always be Christmas for Goddess, and I will make sure to be your best puppet, and give you all you deserve of the holidays. Goddess demands and deserves nothing but the best this holiday, and always.

Under the Influence

With Goddess being so generous and giving discounts, how you not submit to her?

Very kind and generous.

It makes me love her more and go shopping for as many Christmas presents as I can afford.

Under the Influence

I can barely look at this entry without feeling my entire being ache in torment for Goddess and Her seductive and ensnaring control – to feel her probe deeper and deeper into my mind and make me more and more her weak slave toy.

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