Illuminate your Life with your Aphrodisiac Money Domme

I love my face. It’s so adorable, and sensual and .. how could you NOT bow down and worship. Everything about me is so beautiful! Everything about ME makes you weaker and weaker, all you want now is to OBEY. all you want now is to make ME happy.  I am your Goddess, now you serve.


Being MY financial slave toy IS your aphrodisiac, you can’t be triggered into spending without triggering MY pleasure and that is the ONLY way a boy like you could ever feel arousal.

You must have this clip to call yourself a true POSH addict. All the boys who have watched it have become even MORE obsessed.
Your Aphrodisiac


Illuminate your Life
Over 12 minutes of POSH to light up your puny little life with MY magnificence.. truly you are blessed as I take you deep under with MY Venus Sway and warp your brain further to MY desires.. the captivating & inviting sway of my body as I layer your mind with trigger after trigger is too much for any boy.. you’re bound to cave to my desires. And when you do you’ll be on the path of Illumination.. for Posh.


All files are available privately, email me at for details.

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Super Member
Money Slave Bitch

Dear Goddess, Just my praise of your last released video clips Aphrodosiac and Illuminate, two great pieces of enjoyeable irresistable display of You the beautiful Goddess with the voice that kicks your Posh sway triggers in our minds in action to follow and obey your words to the end of the world! The Aphrodosiac is You, nothing can compare with your sensual power, nothin! I hope my worship, gifts and tributes Illuminate your life by makeing it easier and more pleasureable. Your words wrapped up in your velvety voice seems like innocent play but listen to the literate text supported… Read more »

Under the Influence

Thank you so much Goddess for helping me fall deeper under your control. It feels inevitable.

Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

Thank you so much Goddess Posh for this wonderful clip.
You are so beautiful, so addictive so powerful, I can’t stop watching it!
We are so lucky to be owned by the famoya GODdess Posh!
My mind is constantly thinking about you and how i can serve you more, because nothing is more important!