I'll be honest..

This house made me cum my panties. I felt my tummy flutter, my heart quicken as I scanned through each stunning photo, one after the other. I know that I am building a life of luxury and using the weaknesses of hard working men to get what I want, and that means I will live in a house worth this much some day. $21 MILLION dollar house, go ahead, click on it and look through the pics. That is what you are striving to give me. Every single day you struggle and work hard to provide me a life of luxury and leisure, which is what I deserve.

I’ve been at the boiling point for days now, just bubbling, at the verge of going over the top. I love bringing you here too, making you feel as though you are going to explode yet you want to hold back and let it linger. The feelings are so intense, you feel inflamed, on the edge of a complete eruption and I make you wait, I make you feel it out, I bring you so close and pull you back in. The longer I keep you waiting, the more I can extract from you. I push you ever so close, heating you from the inside out. I whisper into your “Not yet My pet.” as I make you dance, I pull your strings and make you perform. I love getting you to the boiling point, making you dance at the edge, pulling you back and forcing you to retreat and pushing you head on into the wall of denial. Ahhh your boiling point makes me boil, and when I am good and ready I will whisper into your ear “Not ever my pet!”.  I will leave you drowning in need as I walk away with everything I ever wanted. It won’t stop you from coming back though.

Ignore the video.. Listen to the WORDS because this is how I feel about all of you.

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