I Want You to Serve Me

I love the way I warp your brains. I love the way you melt and become a puddle for me, a mere vessel of my will and the man you once were is someone you feel like you never knew. Just a facade, because now you’re shaped by MY hands and your purpose and life has so much more reason to it.

I am the reason. I am the one.

You’ve found your way to MY world for a reason. I’ve lured you here with my magnetic energy and you are just the kind of boy I want. The kind that is instantly sent to his knees for me. The kind that slips into automatic and wants nothing more than just to serve me.

Come to please me, puppet. Come to give ME the pleasures I deserve!

The Venus Sway understands the SUB MALE

I want you to serve me, that’s why I am here. But, I won’t accept you if you don’t earn it. You aren’t just entitled to being a puppet of mine. You must prove that you are ready to take in my programming. You must prove you are ready to dig into that wallet and really drain yourself for Me!

You can start with buying My new clip I WANT YOU

We know that as much as my clips are programming, they are also just an excuse for you to give up more money to ME. Bonus, they actually do work on reprogramming that boy brain and getting it all nice and Poshatized for me.

The best place to buy my clips is http://www.venussway.com because I receive such a HUGE percentage. I don’t want to say what but you would be very pleased for me. It’s so high I am even willing to give 25% in sales to those who become a Venus Sway Affiliate!!!

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2 years ago

Goodness Gracious. Wow. Sheesh. It’s probably an antiquated view, but i believe that, regardless of Goddess for a moment [yeah, a bereft moment], whatever the situation, that’s no way to interact with women #showingyourclass

Thanks for the post Goddess.

2 years ago

Is he the guy I interacted with last year? Where you allowed us to discuss your greatness?
Wow he’s changed.

2 years ago

Dear GODDESS, life is too short to offer him any time or thoughts. He just have to live with his stupid self which is punishment in its self. I worship and love You for Your mind and body that rules me in so many ways. Your angelic toxic voice which is like pouring candy into my ears, numbing my mind with dopamine and at times with adrenaline. Your Goddess hair that takes different color and shape giving You different images images that warp my mind. Your blue eyes that is a reflection of Your soul, they learn me to obey,… Read more »

2 years ago

Goddess Posh ,You say You want Your puppets. I assume the puppets are drained beyond their capabilities. Your success is also the downside unfortunately. Hmm I think You really are the best enslaver I hav ever known. My minds logic leave me when we message. You find money I did not know the whereabouts. Some of the best have eaten the dust and thrown in the towel” after serving You. You have just woken my mind. I hope some. More of You abandoned pets. Must rise to the occasion