I love Pleasure spiked with Pain (your pain)

It makes me so happy when you obey. The feeling of excitement is just as strong in me as it is in you. I know you’ll do whatever it takes to give me pleasure over and over. Isn’t that what men were made for? To please a woman..

I believe so, and it’s with the cash and gifts that you are able to please me. I know it doesn’t always seem fair that you were born that way, I know sometimes you think about what it would be like to be the type of man that gets to fuck a woman like me, but those thoughts serve no purpose. Banish them from your head! You belong to me as my money slave and there is no other way about it. You are here to give me that giddy out of control feeling and maybe I just might let you bask in the afterglow of my climax.  It’s your servitude, your sacrifice, your pain that makes my pleasure so much greater.

I need that high, I admit that just as much as you admit needing it, but the difference between you and I is that you have to BEG for it and I can just TAKE IT. Whenever I want, whenever that feeling becomes unbearable I just have to point to the floor and you drop, I just have to smile and you open your wallet, I just have to whisper into your ear ‘give it to me, now’ and you’ll hand it ALL over.

I’m doing that right now puppet, I’m whispering it right now- my ruby red lips a breath away from your ear.

And you will obey.

I get off on victimizing your wallet, which is the symbolism of me corrupting your heart, addicting your body, and brainwashing your mind. You’re all mine puppet & I said jump! Don’t even bother asking how high, you already know it’s never high enough..

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Count me as another wallet-victimized slave…what a mesmerizing journal entry! On my knees for You Goddess


Please Goddess..i am down on my knees begging for Your mercy! Your control over me is complete!