I dare you to resist.

I’m curious, when did Domme become a synonym with bitch? Get off it, you don’t need to assume every Domme has a bitchy personality. Some of us don’t, some of us do. I happen to be one which doesn’t. Oh boo hoo, you wanted to be called pindick, pencilcock, needlenoodle, shrimp dick.. etc. Wow, I don’t care about the size of your cock. I care about the size of your WALLET. I also care about the size of your brain. If it’s too small, I won’t like you then either. Sure, you’d be easy to control, and I could probably get whatever I wanted from you simply by snapping my fingers, but I’d enjoy more of a challenge than that. My boys appreciate giving me what I want because I make them feel special and at the same time I’m able to humiliate, deteriorate, manipulate and control them.  I appreciate them in return because they aren’t boring, or stupid.

I know you’re either very intimidated by the power my eyes show, or foolishly feel I am not a Domme because of my innocent look. Again, get off it. How do you expect to please ME if you can’t take the first step? Honestly, do you think that adoring me from afar is really going to make your life better? You’ll only remain miserable, wallowing in fantasies, wishing you had what it takes to serve Me. You’d never feel the fulfillment a slave gets when he takes the first step to make his life about Me, to make Me smile. I know not everyone is rich, but you don’t have to be rich (well, you  need SOME money!) to serve Me. Show Me how much I mean to you, give Me what you can to make Me smile. That’s what matters.

You know what else matters? No, you’re too busy clicking all my tribute buttons to think, all the bloods left your brain and entered your nasty nether region.. Well of course, that’s fine but listen to this.

What else matters is that I LOVE money! I do. And you can think that makes me fake, or tacky, or only concerned with cash- but that’s just not the case. I just happen to get really really excited when I’m treated as the Goddess I am, receiving cash and gifts. I love Money Slavery. The whole act of twisting a man, turning him inside out displaying his flaws and finding each and every weakness, drawing him deeper into the shadows of my light, prying what little strength he has from his body, draining his soul of all hope until he’s crawling to me begging to give Me whatever I want, whatever it takes to become whole again.. mmmm!

oooh had to stop myself, I was getting carried away..

Goddess Posh

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