I Am Your PINK Obsession

How adorable can I get?! After chopping off my hair I just had to buy a pink wig, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try pink hair. Wow I was right on, I look 100% SWEET in PINK. So sweet, so INNOCENT.. and your dirty cock can’t help twitching at the sight. But oh, what dangers lurk behind that soft smile and deep blue eyes.. what awaits for those of you who just can’t stop themselves from GIVING in..

goddess posh, potentposh, financial domination

Buy the clip either in my clips store or here on my website.


Beans Dad: I’m sorry. I sent you the last 42.00
Beans Dad: and DAMMIT I cried while I did it. I did it because You wanted it and told me to send it and I was being a bad puppet. and you own me!!!
Beans Dad: and I’m your helpless bitch
GODDESSPOSH: yes.. I own you, there is no escape and all of my BEST puppets know it’s pointless to try to resist
Beans Dad: Yes Goddess. The worst part is that my balls ache so much from no release.
GODDESSPOSH: awww the dirty old man isn’t able to cum without MY permission.. well you can KISS that good-bye. I won’t ever let you cum again
Beans Dad: I can’t even touch myself without your permission.
Beans Dad: Yes Goddess. The worst part is that my balls ache so much from no release.
Beans Dad: You have reduced me to being helpless.
Beans Dad: And the worst part is I don’t want to come and it hurts even more when I do touch myself.
Beans Dad: You’ve got me sitting here crying. May I go to bed?
GODDESSPOSH: only dirty perverts touch themselves! The only pleasure you deserve is when you make ME happy by giving me more more more and MORE

That puts you at only just a little less than $1300 for the month- you can do better than that!!

SO. My youtube clip was flagged already. I’m sure it wasn’t you obsessed Poshy addicts, it had to be insecure little girls who just can’t handle MY power. That’s perfectly fine, I can easily host it on MY website where nobody can flag it.
Goddess Posh MINDFUCKS Andrew

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$1,300.00 was every penny I had. I don’t care, Goddess owns me and her new clip, Pink Obsession is sooo hot. Her eyes have neer been bluer, her hypnotic voice has never been sweeter. Every clip is wonderful but this is the best yet. I’m glad she owns me. It hurts so good.


Goddess Posh was so kind to me. She said she wanted to conquer me but she let me go. I’ve only experienced a small part of her control. I dread the day that she decides to use the full extent of her power on me. She already has turned me into a broken helpless slave. I can’t imagine what else she can do. I can’t BUT SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE CAN DO AND i WON’T BE ABLE TO RESIST!!!!!!!


Under the Influence

Hi Beansdad,

I haven’t been around as long as you, but the advice/help that I can give you is that resisting is NOT the thing to do. You will be much better off if you just give in. It’s so easy to give in and just pay.

I too loved this clip, such an innocent and non-dangerous Posh, she only wants you to adore and obsess over her, nothing more. Surely that can’t hurt can it? Surely it is just an innocent obsession?

Well I hope so because I’m about to find out.