I Am .YOUR. Money Domme

Hello my loyal readers. You just can’t get enough of your MONEY DOMME can you. After writing my awesome financial domination weekend draining entry yesterday so many of you came RUNNING to me with your wallets out, ready to serve. Just like Danno said, I have MAGIC over you boys. Something about me TRUMPS everything else in your life. Whether it be the urge to seek help for your financial domination addiction, the need to pay bills, the desire to serve other women- none of it compares to ME. Everything else takes a back seat to your need to pleasure ME, your Goddess of MindFuck & financial slavery.

Repeat photo because I just look so serene and adorable here.
moneydomme goddess posh

Poor Danno was just trying to escape his financial domination addiction. In fact that was what he typed into google, but since I’m so amazing and planned it out I’m search result number FOUR. I knew many boys would TRY to get away and input those exact terms & when they did instead of finding a way out, they would be pulled in even deeper than before through ME. Through MY portal of financial domination. Danno though, you should know, it’s for your own good. You’re always going to be a money slave, and after trying to escape from other Dommes who just can’t grasp onto your wallet hard enough, it’s really best for you to slip back under with a REAL Goddess. I’m doing this for YOU, I’m looking out for YOUR best interest. If it wasn’t for me, you’d all be bouncing around between Dommes trying to find that place, that perfect subspace, where you can truly lose control, feel addiction and sink to new depths of submission. With ME you never have to search for that, because I provide it. Isn’t that so kind of me?

Of course he couldn’t resist showing his appreciate through his wallet, and I don’t expect it to end there. I know he’ll be back begging to give to me again just like the rest of you! Even silversleep couldn’t stop himself from giving MORE to me. All of you are so weak for your money Goddess. Now, Andrew my obsessed Aussie has promised to get a personal loan and give me all of it! He’s already extended his credit for me and I am SO excited to rape his wallet again.

I’m going to be spending the evening in a luxury spa with a so soothing jacuzzi. I am so excited to be pampered on your dime. I’m so thrilled to be spending money you worked for. After all, that is the life of a money domme. I’m a very special money domme, I hypnotize, enchant and brainwash you into such a deep state of love and adoration. It’s a fact you just can’t live without me.

For those of you who wish to contribute to MY spa evening you simply have to send paypal cash. If you don’t have MY paypal, you can either buy it or suffer knowing you failed.

Also, I would like to say my condolences for those of you who were effected by 9/11 on a more personal level. I have quite a few slaves who live in NYC. Even I am humbled by the tragedy that took place 9 years ago, and I hope we never have to experience anything like that again in ANY country.

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David S

It’s not hard to find others claiming to be financial dommes; to be goddesses; to want to enslave you, but they pale in comparison to Posh. Her conviction to be over you, to control you is intoxicatingly apparent in every clip. She enters your mind while it’s most vulnerable. Her amazing body distracts, while her words invade your thoughts. Her brainwashing is as subtle, as it is effective. Seeing her joy as I obey and become one of the willing followers, without realizing it’s what she planned from the beginning, is true pleasure. Obeying Goddess becomes so easy because she… Read more »