I AM the Messiah

Did you really think you were safe now? I did play you well though, didn’t I. Letting you believe that you had a chance at escape, letting you feel as though you could finally breathe without having to worry about me lurking around the corner. Though you did all attempt to continue in my service, and when I ignored you and made you feel dismissed and unimportant you tried to get me out of your head. That didn’t work, did it.. No, you attempted to serve another, but it wasn’t the same. The thoughts you had, the cravings, the desires, could only be filled by ME. It’s why you continued to buy my clips, secretly obsessing. You had hoped I’d return but at the same time, you feared it.

You’ve been foolish enough to believe I left. You should have known better, I played you all. I brought you down to a comfortable place and now I am going to rip you into pieces and glue you back together over and over and over and over. You’ll never know what it’s like to really be whole again. I’ll continue to shred your dignity, your self-esteem, your soul,  and you will continue to follow me, a devoted disciple of Posh.

It’s building in you, the realization of the truth. You never really were without me, you never will be. There is no escape, and now you are in more danger then you ever have been because you let your guard down. Which is exactly what I wanted. See, I’m not desperate for money, I can bide my time and draw it out. I can make you quiver for months in anticipation and when you’re least expecting it, I will pounce. I am the Messiah, I have risen.

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