I Am Financial Domination Incarnate

I Am Financial Domination Incarnate

How long has it been now that you’ve felt the burning in your body, the ache in your soul, pushing you to the brink of falling forever for Goddess?

That feeling won’t be ending anytime soon.

I deserve to be worshiped. I believe it with every part of me, and I beam with that confidence, superiority and power. As a Goddess I expect to be worshiped by those inferior to me, which is ALL of YOU. I’m the reason you have that ache. I’m the reason you feel that burning desire. It’s all because of MY greatness that you can’t stop coming back for more.

Perhaps you aren’t aware of what worshiping a Goddess entails….

It doesn’t involve you using your brain too much. I like to put that inferior thing on HOLD.. it just goes to a nice little quiet place, your boy brain on pause.. so I can do all the thinking FOR YOU. Which is what you need and want. It’s better when you don’t have to make any choices. If you are left to make the decisions obviously you would fail.

It’s so good that I shut that silly boy brain up and take over for your thinking. You don’t need to think when you already just know, this is RIGHT and this is what is meant to be.

You will worship me with every part of you. Your life will consist solely of Goddess.
You will worship me with your time, by devoting it to making more money for me, and obsessing over everything about ME. You will worship me with your wallet, devoting every cent you earn to ME.. you will act in a robotic state, clicking and spending it all away without ever thinking. You don’t have to make the choice. I’ve made it for you already.

You will serve. You will serve. You will serve. You will serve. You will serve.


boy brain PAUSE


I want MOREEEEE .. all you need is my want and you’re ready to give. That is what I do to you. That is what being MY financial slave IS. I make you want to spend it all and you will. You feel that burning need in you, to provide, to serve, to pamper, to be of use to Me. I AM Financial Domination incarnate. I AM THE REASON. You will worship. You will serve.

Goddess Posh

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