Hypnodomme Goddess MindFuck ZAPS your WILL

Puppet Andrew was mindfucked out of ALL of his money last week by ME. I called him on yahoo voice intending to teach him a lesson for TRYING to resist me. When I want to take YOUR cash you give it to me. It’s this simple: When I want it I get it.

It’s not up to YOU to decide when I can take your cash. That wouldn’t really be financial domination if you were choosing when, where and HOW it was to take place. So, little Andrew had to learn the hard way that you don’t challenge Goddess. Oh my my my you addicted Posh fans, you should have BEEN there to hear how powerful and amazing I was. In fact, I realized this a few minutes in and just HAD to record it. If you’ve been too afraid to GIVE IN to Goddess now is your chance to experience THE mindfuck FIRST HAND. I was in the MOOD to conquer and I had NO choice but to unleash the full extent of my power all over that poor victimized puppet Andrew. You will buy this file and you will GIVE IN to my wicked ways.

Lesson learned: When I am in the MOOD, nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHING, stands in my way. You WILL give in. You WILL submit. You WILL be conquered.

http://www.clips4sale.com/22347 & http://www.poshmessiah.com/theWord/?page_id=2

Poor Andrew is so traumatized, he thought of me all weekend- even when trying to explain away to his wife why there was no money left. He’s avoiding me now, came online to tell me how much he missed me and thought of me and needed me and quickly had to leave. Mwahahaha, this probably has something to do with him knowing I will conquer him again and again – go ahead puppet boy, try to resist.

Which reminds me of David S. I have allowed him to take a break knowing it will be even SWEETER next time around. When he once again tastes the erotic release of giving to me it will drive him even deeper into obsession. I know he misses the feeling of pleasuring his Goddess. I know it is driving him insane not being able to give and give and give to ME. I know he is losing his mind over not owning my latest Posh files. Am I the only one who gets a slight thrill knowing he is a deprived junkie suffering ..

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Obey My Hypnotic Voice is an amazing hypnodomination clip that will drive you SO deep into a trance- my sweet cunning words will leave you with no will of your own- oh little mindless money machine you are going to become even MORE weak and addicted to me after this file. Just ask RICHARD, he’s so fucked already and has seen virtually EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clips and he claims this is the BEST one yet.

Silversleep- do not worry, I have not forgotten about you.

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11 years ago

It is true. I am still sitting here wondering how it all happened, it was like a complete blur of financial domination and fuckery. Goddess Posh made me beg so hard for it, I was amazed at what was actually coming out of my mouth and just had to obey. Keep in mind this is only a few days after being drained of over 1k, I told Goddess that I needed to stay away for a while and needed a break to recover (financially). She told me it would be better for me not to resist and just to give… Read more »

David S
11 years ago

I think about Goddess everyday, and how much I regret that I can’t give to her all she deserves. She who gives me my fire. She is a true addiction, one I can’t shake. I still check her site and and twitter everyday, looking for any offering from her. I still check her clips page, looking apparently only to torture myself with the clips I can’t buy. I still awe at your every image, and still hang on your every word. You captivate me like no one ever has, and coerce me into doing things I never would have, and… Read more »