How To Overcome Your Financial Domination Addiction

How To Overcome Your Financial Domination Addiction

It’s so difficult when your self-esteem is non-existent, when you pray for an end but every time it’s in sight you run right back into the arms of your addiction, isn’t it? I’m offering you My guidance, to help you overcome your severe financial domination addiction. It’s very important you follow each step, and put it to use immediately. Only through me will you be able to overcome this dangerous and life consuming habit of yours, through me you will escape from the grip of financial slavery.

Posh Guide To Freedom From Financial Slavery

1. Stop viewing multiple websites related to this scene. Unfortunately for you it’s not very healthy to go cold turkey, as withdrawal would be much too severe, so your best bet is to focus all of your energy onto ONE financial domination website. The website you choose should be the last one you visited, which coincidentally is this one, so I will expect to see you on here OFTEN. I would hate for you to suffer any serious side effects by not taking in enough Posh.

2. Since you obviously have no clue on how to handle your finances the best thing to do is seek out a financial adviser who can help you to set aside enough for your addiction (so that you can maintain normal levels of function), while also being able to pay for your bills and whatever else you may need. Another coincidence here is that I am very good with money, and have been known to handle it with great care – almost as if it is my passion. I would be willing to do this for you, of course that would save you a fee of getting an accountant and would keep you well doped up on your Posh.

3. It’s very important to focus on THIS addiction in your life, more than anything else. You can’t spread yourself too thin by worrying about other people’s problems. Most likely they also are too busy with their own to really even care about your financial slavery situation. To avoid imminent humiliation you must never speak of this to anyone. However, since you really need someone to talk to your most obvious choice is to talk to ME about your addiction. I will be your sponsor, if you ever feel the urge to give in to your need for money slavery you should immediately contact me. I will be more than willing to help you through this time of suffering.

4. Most likely you’ve gone through your savings and are on the verge of losing everything. The most important thing for you to do about this is SELL SELL SELL whatever you have lying around your house. Again, I am good with finances, so it will most pertinent of you to entrust me with that extra cash you earn. I’d hate to see you lose it all to your addiction when it could be kept so safe and sound with ME.

5. I’m sure you have insulted me in the past, due to your addiction, haven’t you.. by reading my lovely journal and most likely having very dirty and depraved thoughts about being ruined by me. You know now that you weren’t meant to treat me or my website like a fantasy for your own sick addictions, and thus you now owe me. Only by making your wrong’s right will you once again feel whole. You need to make amends with Me if you wish to start on the path to recovery. Approach me on your humble knees with a tribute as a way to show you are sorry for your past sins & transgressions against me.

6. Prayer & meditation is the perfect way to heal your broken soul, wicked heart, and dirty mind. I am a Goddess that can easily seduce your money from you, and yet, I am taking the higher road and showing you compassion and mercy. Only a woman who has power but understands the responsibility that comes with it is worthy enough to be prayed to. You will have to meditate every single day on the mercy and kindness I am showing you, as well as pray to me for allowing you to find salvation and hope through ME. I truly am the light in your dark world. Keeping my words in your thoughts at all time will help you to remain grounded in your addiction, otherwise your head may be lost to the clouds.

7. While step 3 makes it very clear that you are not to speak to anyone about your addiction, aside from your sponsor (me), you ARE expected to reach out to other addicts and offer them MY guidance. It will make you feel so good about yourself when you are using this time in your life to make positive things happen for other addicts. These other financial slaves NEED me too, and it would be so selfish of you to keep MY guide all to yourself. In fact, this is one of the most important steps! So get out there and offer a helping hand to those lost and lonely addicts, who were once like you, without a true Goddess to serve.

Print a copy of this out and keep it with you always. It will stand as your reminder for who is your salvation, and when you are weak you will know where to turn to. I will guide you very carefully out of the dark abyss of depression and into the light of love, mercy and adoration where you will find your true sense of purpose and belonging.

contact me at

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