How To Approach Your Goddess

I love this type of email, which is always better accompanied with a gift of CASH. This boy has potential written all over him, after going on a clip binge this week in which he spent $600 (plus sending me a gift yummy) he just couldn’t stop himself from contacting me. The compulsion is undeniable, he is now destined to become another Posh puppet. I do deserve a whole army of you little drone’s though, don’t I. A whole army of Posh puppets, in every corner of the World. Boy brains that have been manipulated, brainwashed & turned into a financial fuck toy.

I know a lot of you are nervous about how to approach me. I do not contact men first, ever. Maybe I am traditional, or perhaps I feel I am far too above the ‘chasing’ game. I shouldn’t have to go after men now, should I. It’s up to the submissive to come to me, humble & respectful, with proof of his sincerity. I already provide for you my journal to read where you can learn much about me & clips to watch which give you a very good idea of what serving me would be like. To approach me all you have to do is send an email, along with a tribute, & I will guide the rest from there. It is very simple, you do not need to fear anything as long as you have common sense, are intelligent & respectful. If you come at me saying.. ‘goddess let me be at ur feet it makes my tiny dick hard’ (real email here folks).. obviously you’re going to be kicked in the throat (virtually) and left for dead. As long as you know better, I am inviting you to EMAIL me. How could any obsessed boy turn away from that?

“Dear Goddess,

i mean.. seriously.. how could i resist this..
Would You be able to if You were me?
something this addicting has got to be illegal.. well, good thing it’s not

i love You, Goddess, and i worship You every single day since i came across Your
Amazing Beauty combined with Your Evil minds.
and, ever since that marriage counselling, i am actually treating my wife and
two kids a little better, well, at least, i don’t yell at them as much.
i can just ignore them like they don’t even matter much in my life any more as i
have found a bigger goal, more important purpose, which is to serve You.
my wife and i have been sexless for so many years anyways.. so it wouldn’t
matter much for me to stay downstair living room everynight, in fact almost all
night long, worshipping You.

i know i have a long way to go before i can really be Your true pet.
i shall continue to have my brain and mind completely fucked by Your sweet soft
voice and beauty.


I’ve made a new clip so go buy it now and obsess over it, $800 Money MindFuck .. mmmm I get money in the mail and count it out for .. ME. Not for you hahaha. I just love feeling it in my hands, counting it one by one (in this case 20 by 20) and knowing that YOU worked hard for it. That’s what I’ve conditioned you to do, a little robo-worker bee is all you are for me. Work work work all day long, mmmm.. making money to give to your Goddess. Let me ask you something.. boy. When do you feel the biggest sense of satisfaction and pride? Think about it..

It is when you are giving to me cash & gifts, knowing it puts a smile on my face & makes me feel SO good. That is your purpose, very clearly. The reason you’re even HERE to begin with is so that you can lose control financially for ME. At MY discretion, My whim. Seeing ME with this cash, counting it out, taking in my enthusiasm, is too much for you. It make’s you NEED to give me MORE money. After all, if you’re not giving to ME what are you worth?

Congratulations to PuppetDavid by the way, who not only contributed another nice entry to My site, but also paid for his VIP password. Aren’t you boy’s jealous ..

I know I would be if I were you.

Goddess Posh

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A lucky and smart soul to see that giving to you is what he needs and you deserve. Any of those smart enough to approach you as you should be, will see how amazing and seductive your control is. And those that don’t will never know how much they are missing.