hmph- Obsessed Much?

I find it so amusing that you can’t stay away. I know you are here, yes you. I know you’re reading this in anticipation wondering what I could possibly have to say. Part of you hopes I implore my power and expose you for what you are, the other part of you just wants to snoop in peace and private!

You are unable to stop yourself, you want to explore every bit of me, you want to know all of my thoughts, my desires, my whims. My words are like a treasure, and you must have them all. Its impossible for you to quit. You are here, and you’re making yourself very obvious. You aren’t that sneaky, I can see you.I know you want to do whats right, whats good, whats perfect and pamper your Goddess.
tick tock tick tock
time is up.

Fighting it is pointless.
Its no use.

you want to buy all of my clips
you want to give in to me

and you will.


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