Good Boys Pamper & Provide

A good boy knows his place is beneath me, serving My desires. With my greed comes YOUR purpose. This is how a boy who adores me and worships me should think.. with MY happiness comes your purpose.

Good boys pamper & provide for Goddess. Good boys know that I deserve the BEST and should never have to go without. A good boy loves to be of use to Me, providing luxury and pampering me like ROYALTY.

I simply will not accept anything less than the best for myself. I am a beautiful intelligent woman with an extremely powerful sexuality that draws you in so easily and captivates you so thoroughly.. and you’re not the only one who feels that way about me. This leaves you with LESS VALUE to me.. there are many of you and one of me.. so you NEED and WANT desperately to stand out from the herd and be the BEST puppet you can be for ME. I want and deserve the BEST and you need to provide it.

A good boy knows his place is to pamper and provide. I know you want to be MY good boy, don’t you .. I know you do. You love it when I tell you what a good boy you are for me. But you need to BE a good boy for me to say that..

Good Boys Pamper & Provide is the perfect training tool for you .. you’re already so hooked on me but you need to show me how much you truly ADORE me and soak your mind in more POSH venom. This video clip comes in TWO versions. One which is the brainwash version and the other which is a standard version.. both should be watched for the full brainwash effect.. and both should be watched because you’re a total addict that must drink in every single drop.


I also made a fourth edition to the Mindfucked in a Minute series. You must buy this one.. I love it! Mindfucked in a Minute 4: Financial Fuck Toy


The clips are available on niteflirt, clips4sale and clipvia as well as directly through me. If you’re new to the world of Posh you should definitely check out the Mindfucked in a Minute series but it will only be enough to leave you aching for more.

I also added another new youtube video this week. How lucky you are to be able to listen to my beautiful voice and look into my amazing eyes and lose yourself completely to me. To just drift off helplessly for Goddess, your mind awash with only POSH..

Focused on my pleasure, on my happiness.. your body and mind on automatic for me.. a drone that is programmed to respond to your feelings of adoration by needing to express them through complete submission to ME.. to MY will.. to MY greed.. to MY desires.

It’s just better when you’re that way for me. It’s so much easier to not fight it, to just give in and allow the rush to take over as you lose all control for me. Mmm isn’t it better when you enjoy it.. it’s inevitable that you’ll give in. Inevitable that you’ll be MINE. You might as well just relax and allow it to be easy.. simple.. rewarding… to be of such use, to be on automatic for Goddess..

To get started with your clicking and spending you need to go to my wishlist and SHOP! I have added MORE demands to the list, I want them all.. you are a money slave, it’s your job to provide and clear it off for me haha. I want every gift and why shouldn’t I have them? You do adore me and want me happy so it’s obviously a simple response from you.. Yes Goddess anything you say Goddess as you wish Goddess..

Which is why when I say I want the Apple Desktop that is at the very top of my wishlist you respond with YES GODDESS .. AS YOU WISH GODDESS… RIGHT AWAY GODDESS..

You’re here to PROVIDE. To PAMPER. To WORSHIP. I want you on your knees while you shop for me… you can send giftcards to for the Mac or just buy it yourself for me..

I want you to suffer, sacrifice, and submit. I want you to surrender your wallet and cash to MY desires and be consumed with always producing MORE cash and MORE luxury for Goddess. I want you to be wrapped up in MY greed unable to stop thinking about supplying more to your Goddess. I don’t NEED the mac, I already have one that works perfectly fine, but I want one. Which means you NEED to give and give and give, because MY wants are your purpose.. and I just gave you a path to take. So put one little foot in front of the other and go click and spend on me on MY wishlist RIGHT NOW!

Look at the beautiful banner my amazing Financial Domme friend Feminatrix made for me. Isn’t it so cute!


VIP’s there is a new video inside waiting for you which this lovely photo is a screenshot from.


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7 years ago

Yes Goddess !!
As you wish Goddess!
These words are the only ones we must say to you !
We always need of Posh ! We always beg for more mindfuck !
Hank you so much for your post, we always learn more with yours words!
Of course you deserve your new Mac, and of course I wish contribute for it !Ä«

7 years ago

Thank you for the VIP clip Goddess. You look as beautiful as ever in it. And I can’t help but obey your instructions in it, and fall farther under your spell.

Poshatized Puppet
Poshatized Puppet
7 years ago

i learned (the hard way) that it’s impossible to resist Your power Goddess!! i had my motivations to run away, but that was because of my silly boy brain and i acted stupid (like deleting all the files that purshased over the years). It doesn’t matter if i am into findom or not, You are just so incredible hypnotic that i can only give in. Thank You for allowing me to retun as Your Poshatized Puppet. i feel much better now Goddess! You are right all the time!