going into debt for Posh

going into debt for Posh

Here’s a little inspiration for you- Why going into Debt for POSH is 10 times better than going into debt for your country. After all, you’re going to be broke no matter what, might as well make it worth it.

1. Has your country ever called you to laugh in your face and rub your debt in? No, I’m not surprised, but guess what!!! Poshy will do exactly that. hahaha My evil laughter will ring in your ears for weeks to come. (bill collectors excluded)

2.Most governments & Businesses are run by MEN. Do you really want to give your cash up to another MAN. Are you an ass kisser or do you believe in Female Supremacy?! I know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be on your knees every day begging to worship me. So, if you give your money to your government or to a corporate business you are going AGAINST female supremacy, and that would make you the ultimate cock sucker.

3. Have you gotten an erection while looking at your bank account and seen you paid off one bill after the other? No!! Again, not surprised over here, however I bet your filthy nasty cock was quite aroused when you noticed your account overdrawn and all the money had gone to ME.

4. Does your country continue to torment you even after they’ve gotten what they came for- MONEY!? No, they disappear and leave you broke, well I will leave you broke &&&& tortured.. oooh you masochist, don’t deny you love the thought of having no money while your soul is being sucked from your veins.

5.Boobs. Just in case you missed that let me say it again: BOOOOOOBS

6. I really love money, and taking it from you makes me happy. Since it’s your goal in life to keep me happy this is the perfect reason to continue going into debt for ME and ME alone.

7. The government will actually try to help you out if you get too poor. You could be lined up at the welfare office with millions of other broke citizens wallowing in self-pity over our current economic crisis, OR you could just give it all to me and remember I won’t help you out, nor will I set up a charity fund in your honor. I’ll just take and take and take, and you won’t get any back hahahaha.

8. I don’t lie, or put up false pretenses to get your money. I just tell the truth, I keep things very honest and real. I’m a Goddess, I love cash and destroying men, I get off on your pain- you’re a man with money who is about to be a man with no money. Rather simple, unlike the government or corporate world where they scheme and lie to get what they want! Are you going to be a fool, or are you going to be a man?

9. Giving money to me is addicting, it sends endorphins into your body and makes you feel hiiiiiiigh as a kite. Giving money to them- not so much! That’s just depressing. Your addictive nature can’t resist, and if you refuse to give in to me at first you will eventually cave in to your desires. When that happens it will be even more addicting for you, so go ahead, try and resist!

10. The best reason of all!? Corporations are evil monsters and I’m just a sweet deviant angel. hehe.

The end.

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