Goddess Posh Money Domme 1 on 1 Interaction

Goddess Posh Money Domme 1 on 1 Interaction

How exciting for you to know you can have one on one time with ME, your lovely Goddess Posh. I still amaze myself with how generous I am to share my time with you. The attention I put into every detail of mindfucking you out of control is undeniably the reason why I am the BEST at draining your wallet & depleting your resistance.

From a distance you feel my power, you come here daily hoping for another update, you worship my photos & dream of being a good boy for me. Imagine though what it would be like to hear my voice speaking your name, commanding YOU personally onto your knees &  weakening your will until you can’t help but to BEG to be my money bitch. I know how you can get to this place, I know the key to how you can begin to fulfill your role as a loyal puppet for me.

I’ve created so many avenues for you to pursue your path of financial slavery. I’ve opened up numerous opportunities and presented myself to you as your Goddess and for that I will be rewarded with many brainwashed financial drones to do my bidding. I deserve only the best from my loyal puppets, do you want to be a good boy? Do you want to try your hardest and give me everything I deserve? It doesn’t matter really though what you want, because I always get my way in the end. What I want is you- your life, your soul, your money- all for ME.

All you have to do is take the first step. I’ve created the perfect environment to nurture your dark desires and exploit your weaknesses. I’ve created a world of Financial slavery to consume your very life and all you have to do is trust in your ability to make me happy. I know you’re worried you won’t be good enough, you’re scared you won’t be able to keep me from growing bored with you. You’re stopping yourself from doing what is right by convincing yourself that you don’t have enough money for me. Stop being so foolish. Goddess has spoken! It is your role to sacrifice,  your role to submit, and no matter what you have to offer fiscally, it is the power I feel when you crumble to your humble knees for me that I truly adore.

It is time for you to experience your one on one interaction with me. Just take advantage of all the opportunities I have given to you, as the kind and thoughtful Goddess that I am. I know you want to be part of my flock. I know you want to feel the sting of submission and the pleasure of being drained at the hands of ME, the one and only Goddess MindFuck.

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http://www.niteflirt.com/perfectly+posh   Call me on niteflirt, I love to DRAIN you over the phone!

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