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Goddess Posh Doesn't Wait

Obviously you realize that it is St Patrick’s day, or you’ve been living in the world of worship for so long that any and all holidays have ceased to exist in the presence of me. I know it will be hard for you to handle this, but tonight and tomorrow night I will away from the computer. I have high hopes that you will survive, but just barely. I’m not much of a drinker, don’t like the bar scene and find abandoned recklessness to be dull and immature, however I am joining a few friends for a drink tonight.

I never like to be kept waiting, and I know since you are a very good boy that you wouldn’t dare to keep Goddess waiting for what is rightfully mine! Here is a clip to inspire those frantic “must give Goddess whatever she wants” feelings..

This is only a preview, the full clip can be purchased here:

Goddess Posh Doesn’t Wait
Goddess Posh speaks to you with her hypnotic honey voice, pulling you deep into her web as her fingers and feet pound out the beat of your heart- the beat of your heart as you submit to her every whim. You wouldn’t make Goddess Posh wait, or you would be crushed beneath her tapping pink finger nails, and her sharp high heels. It is your place to worship Goddess from beneath her arched perfect feet.

Preview of Goddess Posh Doesn’t Wait HERE

Just to save any confusion, as I know most of the blood is not being supplied to your brain, I write my description myself in third person as it is easier for me to do so.

Submit to me now while you have the chance, I will be available for a little while and you will commit yourself to keeping me happy.

Goddess Posh

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