Goddess NEVER Has to Wait to be Served Cash $$$

Hello Boys,


You’ve probably noticed that my website has been having issues lately, with a virus. This was because of dreamhost, the company that hosts my websites, was hacked and all of my sites had every single file altered to include a virus code. Unfortunately, many of you who visit my site regularly received viruses on your PC. Don’t worry, because my site is now ‘clean’ and I am keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t have that problem again. For those of you who were annoying and stupid enough to think I did it on purpose- use common sense in the future! Why would I intentionally want to keep boys OFF of MY website where they BECOME ADDICTED and send MY MONEY?


You have also been waiting patiently for an update from me as far as clips and mp3’s go. I did release a new mp3 file called Falling Deeper for Posh which you can purchase here: http://goddessposh.clipvia.com

I’m sure I’ll be back to making VIP journal entries, clips, mp3’s and the radio show soon. I’ve just been so busy the past month and haven’t had as much time as I’d like to devote to creating MORE brainwash and worship material for you addicts. Although I know since you ARE an addict that you will continue to immerse yourself into my world and eagerly await the next new dose of MY special mindfuck serum like a good boy.

I will be in Chicago from the 22nd – 24th and I plan to do a LOT of shopping so make sure you click and spend like a helpless money toy and fill up MY accounts with all the cash which I love so much and deserve SO much.

There is also a lot of shopping I want to get done for clothes, shoes, summer things .. and you can pay for it of course so send giftcards to posh@poshmessiah.com & I want them from victoriasecrets.com and amazon.com and I want them FAST. I don’t expect to be kept waiting EVER.

YOU CAN WAIT FOREVER for just one IOTA of a spec of attention from ME but I will NEVER be kept waiting, because I am the Goddess and what I want is what I get. I want MORE money & more giftcards so GET TO SPENDING.


Goddess Posh


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