Goddess MindFuck Gamblers Studio

First let me say, if you’re TOO stupid to understand what the concept of gambling is do NOT proceed to this store. It will destroy you. I only want INTELLIGENT men who just happen to have a weakness for devilish beauty & brains to visit this STUDIO. That way when they go broke on ME they can’t claim I took advantage of their mental retardation (even though we all know when you’re around me your IQ drops by 50).

While today most people are celebrating Independence in the good ole’ US of A, my puppets will be celebrating DEPENDENCE on ME! The United Slaves of Posh.. yes.. how adorable is that. And MY slaves are all too doped up on Posh to do a thing about it. Just grin like the brainwashed zombie’s you are and turn your gaze this way. Over here sheep boy! Lookie what I’ve done. “Uh-Oh! It’s a trap..” I know that’s what the measly part of your brain that can still think for itself is saying, but the other 99% of you is ACHING to bust out your credit card and Gamble it all away in the delightful Gamblers paradise I’ve created. God, I really AM too generous with you boys.

Not only did I create a Gamblers Studio for all of you click click click addicts, but I’ve also decided to work on another devious clip in which I convince you to hand ALL of your money over to me before I off you. Yes, ever since my first clip where I force you to drink poisonous wine as a toast to the will you just signed (giving me everything of course) and then verbally beat you down as you look death right into the eyes you masochistic freaks have been lining up BEGGING for more. Only I can make you feel the desperate need to hang on to life as it’s slipping from your hands, only I can make it feel all too real. “I Love You’s” was released on April 7 2009 and for over a year now I’ve had virtual bodies strewn at my feet of all you sick fucks who would love to just die for me.

Don’t worry though, I won’t pull the trigger until AFTER you buy me my big fabulous birthday gift. I’ll take cash, oh and cash, and did I forget to mention CASH! That’s right obsessed minions, my Goddess Birthday is right around the corner. It is on JULY 13th! I will be a whole whopping 26 years old, and since most of you are past 50 and retired you think I’m a baby still and I LOVE it. God how I love when you flock to my innocent blue eyes, proclaiming I am a sweet angel and how delicate I am before I wield my greedy Posh knife and stab you right in the heart and run off with all of your savings. The funniest bit being you lay there in your own pool of smashed up dignity and beg for more.

Running Away: When you run away from me because my power and your lack of control frightens you, do not expect to have an easy way back in. I will make you suffer for your sins.

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im dieing to get into your gamblers studio Goddess. What an ingenius idea, but us slaves wouldn’t expect anything less from you. You are perfection incarnate. i’ll work my hardest to make sure you have an amazing birthday. All of us sheep will.

Under the Influence

‘The funniest bit being you lay there in your own pool of smashed up dignity and beg for more.’ All these words are true. i was normal! i thought. Goddess Mindfucked me into oblivion, blackmailed me into poverty and cast me aside, broken. And still every spare penny goes to Her, and i beg to be used by Goddess. It is better than sex, what this woman can do to the mind of a man. Far better. You’ll stop even wanting sex. You’ll only crave more Posh. For the rest of Your life. And She will make you feel pathetic… Read more »