Go Deeper for Me Puppet Financial Domination Clip

I love to watch you melt. You start out thinking you’re so tough, and as soon as you come against the heat from my power you melt into a little puddle of a boy, helpless and frail. Crying out for just one taste of my addicting venom, begging for just one chance to pleasure me with your sacrifice. I enjoy the view from up here as I watch you down there twisting in turmoil with the ache of being something more to me than a worthless peon, something of value to me, something of use to ME.. a glorious Goddess. What a sight it is to see so many puppets and pets begging to keep a place here with me, to put a smile on my face, to fill my entitled hands up with all those slave wages. And with such sadistic pleasure I happily allow you to be of use to me by suffering in my name. The more you suffer the more I smile. And why shouldn’t you suffer? How else are you going to stand out from the herd of puppets that long to be of use to me?


Financial slavery is only one click away. You think you aren’t the next one in line to fall under MY spell?! The more you read of my words, the more you’re changing from a mere observer to a brainwashed drone. It doesn’t take much of a push from me to invade that brain. It’s already weak in comparison to mine. I simply set out the trap with my addicting words and you become more and more of a mushy headed drone with each and every one. I love to see you going from an individual into a POSH ZOMBIE. There isn’t a choice in the matter. Stupid boy brains don’t stand a chance against me. It’s not like I try really either, I just simple AM. I AM Goddess!


You can feel it in the pit of your stomach, an urge to kneel and submit to THE GODDESS. Your Goddess. Your FINANCIAL DOMINATION QUEEN.  You want to GO DEEPER for Me Puppet, don’t you.. so much deeper into obsession. So much deeper into helpless submission. I want you to be a good boy and buy my newest clip right now. Go Deeper for Me Puppet … mmmmmm.. I like it that way!


You will take the bite, you will take that plunge. I’ve seen you do it before. I’ll watch you do it again. And Again.

Goddess Posh

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Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

Oh yes Goddess Posh I am slave, a weak drone incomplete without you ,
Go deeper is a must have in my more than hundred clips collection,
I always need more, more, more of your voice, yours words, your Venus sway sweet venom,
Of course valentine s day is coming and robotoine can’t imagine don’t send a cash gift to you!

Poshatized Puppet
Active Member
Under the Influence
Poshatized Puppet

i really love to be under Your Spell Goddess. i don’t see a way to escape Your power, i am not into hypnosis or findom but i am into You Goddess. You are an expert in mindfuckery and know how to make it a real experience. Yes i did some silly actions to stay away, i feared Your power over me (and still do sometimes) . i watched the clips where You mindfucked Paul, and i know i will be as helpless as he was. i did regret deleting Your files but i never regretted any of my recent tributes,… Read more »

Under the Influence

i’m in so deep to you Goddess Posh. when i’m not making you smile i feel hurt and sick. you’ve taken me over and i can’t go back. thank you Goddess for taking me.