Gifts for Goddess by Puppet David

It was a long time before I bought a gift for Goddess.  I just obsessed over her clips for months, and loved it.  So it was until I watched her clip “Good Boy, That’s Better”.  Something about her demand and praise clicked inside, and I knew I had to obey, and send her a gift.

As she had requested in several clips, I bought her the priciest bra on her list.  There was no rational reason that buying a gift for this woman I’d never met should have felt so good, as thoroughly enticing as she was, but it felt so right.  I informed her, as she’d insisted in Good Boy, that I’d sent it.  I knew I was nobody, and it wasn’t my place to even expect to hear about it, but I loved the thought of her being pleased with my gift.

When I came home and excitedly bought the newest one, as always, and saw my name in the file, it was incredible.  My heart was pounding, my breathing sped up.  It couldn’t start fast enough.  It was more than I could have hoped for.  Goddess was generous enough to give me her full attention in return. I was hooked.

For Goddess’ birthday, I knew the occasion called for something special.  The obvious choice was what would give Goddess the most.  I bought her the laptop, and while it was a financial sacrifice, it was such a thrill to know I’d really sacrificed for Goddess, and earned all the attention she’d payed me.

Having Goddess to give my affection and attention to, means everything to me at this point.  Pleasing her is a feeling of satisfaction like no other.  She is a simply amazing woman, and to say gorgeous and enchanting, seem to fall short when I can just call her a Goddess.  I love Goddess Posh!

– Puppet David

My Gorgeous Goddess

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10 years ago

*giggles*.. I always knew you would fall into MY web & never find a way out 😉

10 years ago

Well David, you are fast learning the truth of it. Goddess Posh will have you feeling heartbreaking love as She devours you from the inside out. Get used to it, it is only going to get more intense, until everything you are is driven by Her.