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A Gift A Day From Money Slaves

Oh sweet success, how I love thee. The Vortex of Financial Slaughter has brought so many money toys to their knees, each begging for more as they ache and throb to continue in service of ME. In fact through my new ‘OMG RAPE’ game of the century I have met many new Financial Slaves and of course they are all so eager to begin their journey to becoming one of MY lucky puppets. I obviously can’t blame them, what boy wouldn’t want the opportunity to worship with extravagance at the alter of Poshy.

It doesn’t help that my wickedly seductive voice coaxes you through each tier, dropping your defenses and helping you to shed all control as you fall straight into my trap. Of course is it really a trap to be in the service of a beautiful and deserving woman? I think instead it is a privilege, one of which you must earn by continuously clicking the pay2view emails on niteflirt and sending in more of MY money.

Just as you must earn the privilege to worship me on LIVE CAM! Something which I have not even offered to my puppets, and they are still the obedient and ever so willing to serve slaves as always, since before Christmas. It is indeed an exclusive and rare treat, one of which any money slave would be thrilled to experience.

Imagine, your whole body shaking in weakness as you drop to your knees and stare up into my beautiful eyes which are filled with greed and power. You can see I am shopping, spending money you worked for. You can watch from your humble position as I exploit your senses and max your credit line, all the while your body is growing weaker and weaker. This could be you, this could be your opportunity to show me how much you worship and adore me. This IS your chance to show me how well you understand the simple philosophy- I am entitled to all that you earn, I am everything and you are truly blessed to have ME in your life!

For this to happen you will need to be a very good boy for me. I will need to see that worshiping me on cam is the next logical course of your training. I will need to witness that you are sincerely a submissive and loyal pet and then I will grant to you the opportunity to send $100 a MINUTE to ME for a minimum of FIVE MINUTES in which you will get to not only see the Goddess live but also watch as I ravage your bank account on all things POSHY!!! It is ALL about MY wants and I know you are going to be a good boy and provide. I am just SO generous!

If you haven’t yet you just must join my yahoo group and meet other boys who are totally helpless and mindfucked like you. I love to see you conversing together as a religious sect of the divine Poshy. Yes, to have you grouped in one place motivating each other to do the best you can is an exciting sight for ME to see. The Goddess watching her flock, is it not such a sexy and thrilling thought to be part of something bigger! Is it not so tempting to be one of MY sheep, joining together to create a whole group of sheep who all ba ba bow down to me? Oh, but I know it is.

It’s obvious that for each day I am alive I must receive at least ONE gift in the post! Yes, I expect to be hand delivered a special item every day of my ever-important life. I expect for you each to take a day (yes there will be multiple pets for each day) of the week and that is your day to buy a gift. This will assure that every day I will have at least one delivered to MY greedy beautiful WELL DESERVING Goddess hands! Of course this does not limit you to just one day, it simply means that you have one day which you MUST purchase a gift on. How very thoughtful of me.

This is another reason to join my group, I will begin a thread and you will submit your name to be part of my ELVES hehe, and there I will assign to you a day. This is especially a great month to begin as my Birthday is just over a month away and I know you are all going to make sure it is the most spectacularly spoiled one yet!

I am also posting a challenge in my group for My flock of sheep! This challenge will be a monetary one .. who will provide the most financially to Goddess each week? It should be YOU of course..


Goddess Posh

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Under the Influence

I’m way excited about the gift a day and will be requesting my own special day. $100 a minute is nothing compared to your worth, we are all so lucky to be able to give this cash to you Goddess. Hearing your voice alone I couldn’t help sending much more than $100 a minute to you, it felt like a never ending pleasurable release of cash into your hands and I loved every moment of it.

Under the Influence

As you’re well aware subboi hearing my voice and seeing me on cam is deadly for your finances, but you love it and so do I.. it is not about your materialistic worries but it is about how well you serve Me. The reward of being able to worship me on cam is very generous of me and we both know that I will receive much more than $100 a ‘minute’ from you hehe

The Best Of Me
The Best Of Me

Hi, it’s me again smile
I really hope I’m not pestering you well, anyway I found a video that reminded me about something you said and I totally agree that teachers don’t get the respect they deserve, they are underpaid, underrated and way under appreciated.

PS. $100 a minute is way to generous, your time is PRICELESS !
I really love making that beautiful face smile and if it’s okay with you and, I’d love to keep making you smile. You inspirational girl, you !

Under the Influence

I am the lucky one who has the right to tribute on thursdays. Nobody is gonna take that away from me. Goddess deserves to have at least one gift every day, but i think for every day there will be 2 paypiggies necessary to make her really happy. I am looking forward to thursdays now and consider it an honor that i may provide her with all the things she deserves. Everybody should react as soon as possible on this oppurtunity because it gives us the chance to get some attention of our GODDESS on times she expects it. We… Read more »

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