get ready to spend spend spend

Of course my schedule was off, it always is. You guys should know by now when I say ‘such and such will be done by X’ that it’s never very accurate. I will never confine myself to a time line, I just say those things to give a sort of grasp on what I’m thinking.

I have finally created my last two clips for c4s, the first one being Posh Brand of Humiliation 2.0 which is a very calm and real assessment of you (mainly YOU, you KNOW who YOU are)- it’s not very nice, but it’s definitely pretty.

The second and final clip is a Vlog in which I explain a few things, including why my clips are no longer going to be available on c4s. The buyer will hear about blackmail, financial domination, the Holiday’s, and some slight humiliation as I express my disdain for the viewer.


Oh and Don Beck, I make a call out to you in one of those clips, though which one.. you’d have to buy them both to find out.

PS. I’m also available tonight on cam for my loyal puppets and addicted pets (don’t ya just love those cliches, now fork it over).

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Goddess Posh, i humbly kneel before You in abject submission. This new look is the most sexy yet. i can’t hardly bear the weakness i feel, the insatiable urge to worship. The darkness of Your hair brings out the power of Your eyes, and the hint of a smile suggests sadistic impulses behind those angelic features. Beauty is power, and Your power is overwhelmingly absolute