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Fueling the Fire

Fabulous news, I’m fueling the fire by making a new website which is devoted to the worship of me, via photos, clips, mp3’s etc. This will only be available to my loyal subs and will be password protected, although I may allow those who are too timid to approach me to buy a subscription. I’ll update it on my own whim’s, as you know I do everything on my own whims! I will also post a more personal blog on this site with updates on how I spend my day, along with photos of tributes etc that I receive. I believe I’ll make a forum as well, where you can all discuss your loyalty and devotion and compete to make me happier.

It’s been brought to my attention that with the vast inflow of aggressive Dommes that my laid-back approach, or my more subtle nature, is being lost amongst most subbies. Maybe you boys need someone to come after you like a cougar, and if that’s the case then really I wouldn’t be the right Domme for you anyways. The point being that I have my own style and those who appreciate it are the ones which will serve Me. If you’re too dense to notice that I am here for worship after reading my website, blog & watching my youtube clips then I have no hope for you and would NOT want you to serve me. I’m not going to alter my personality just to chase after a few men who can’t think for themselves, no thank you. I would like to make it clear that I am approachable, I know that it’s intimidating when you’re faced with someone of My superiority. That doesn’t matter, get over your timid feelings and get on your knees and worship, which is where you belong.

I infiltrate the mind in ways which are unexpected, leaving you drawn to me and eventually you succumb without even realizing you were being wrapped up in my cocoon in the first place.

The Goddess Posh

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