Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

I’ve updated my website, and now I really love how simple yet powerful it is. I’ve taken my financial lust as a deadly sin and brought it to a new level, presenting you with the forbidden fruit. I know you won’t be able to keep yourself from taking a nice big bite. It’s absolutely delicious, and the way the juice runs down your throat and through your body is unlike anything else you’ll ever find.

Start here , and navigate your way through my wonderland. It’s SIMPLE because I do not want to overload your little minds. You already know I’m a financial sadist, seductive, powerful, amazing, intelligent, and just all around perfect so I don’t feel the need to be so redundant on my site.

Would you like to know what exactly would happen to you after you take a bite of my tasty treat? I’m creating a hypnotic clip, in which my juicy red apple tempts you and being a good boy you aren’t able to refuse it. I turn your devious sinning around on you, exposing all of your own lusts and using them to manipulate, and control your thinking, and your actions.

It should be available by the end of this weekend, so stay tuned for that. I know you’re already perched on the edge of your seat wondering when it will be available. Patience is a virtue, but shopping for me is an even better virtue! Fill up your time waiting by sending me gifts and cash. It will make the time just fly right by and the next thing you know you’ll be on your knees giving into temptation.

Here are a few of my favorite things this week:

1.Men who crumbled to their knees & begged for mercy, only to have me push them into the dirt and laugh as they cried like a baby. It turns me on when you cry and beg, you know this.

2.Finding out I used up all of his money and now he is broke because I was greedy. Now he has to work overtime so he can pay the bills, but we both already know it’s so he can give it to me.

3.The politics of Financial Domination on livejournal. Some of these women live in a little bubble, and don’t realize there is more than just LJ. I’ve been laughing at how absolutely ridiculous some women behave, everything from commenting on other womens LJ’s and accusing them of being a fake instadomme (all while claiming they have so many slaves yet can spend five days in a row arguing about how that person lives their life), to deciding that only some Dommes are truly Dommes based on how long they’ve been on LJ. It’s so silly, and it makes me giggle as I have seen people making fools of themselves. I don’t spend a lot of time reading it, but when I come across a post like this I can’t help but wonder if people realize how truly sad they appear.

4.Keeping men in chastity until their will is broken, than teasing them until their balls are ready to burst. Usually this results in them giving me money, all while I never even suggested it, and me not letting them cum anyways!

5.Men who beg to give me money.

Submission to me is so tasty, feed your hunger.

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