Forbidden Fruit Clip

The excruciating wait is over, I’ve completed my Forbidden Fruit hypnosis clip, and it is not posted on my clips4sale store, as well as in my members area. This clip is powerful, I put myself into a mild trance while recording it. I am easily susceptible to hypnosis, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a clip which will draw you in and bring you deep under my spell of temptation and lust.

Step into my garden of temptation, where I will feed you the juicy red forbidden fruit. I am your temptress, I will bring you into submission, pushing you onto your knees and coaxing you into a deep trance as I feed you the forbidden fruit of MY own desires, creating a lust in your mind, and in your cock, that can only be relieved one way. This clip explores addiction, Goddess worship, financial slavery, corruption, temptation, submission, orgasm control & if you don’t behave your cock might just suffer for it.

I watched a slave on cam as he viewed my clips. It was a pleasure seeing his different reactions, and it also clued me in on how I really affect men. He was so weak and entered subspace after viewing two clips, I then allowed him to watch Financial Lust and afterward tested my trigger on him, at which point he instantly began responding how I anticipated. It is such a joy to have so much power over another person, but it is even more fun when they do not realize how truly addicted to me they are, fighting down a persons defenses is a challenge and I love that. I love to prove to a man just how weak he really is. Denial is my friend then, as the longer a person denies their role in life at my feet, the harder their fall will be when I force them to face the truth. The best part of the night though was how he obeyed my every command, even though he feared my exposing him to his girlfriend for a second time, he still turned on his cam so I could take screenshots of his bad behavior. If those pics are to be released his life will be over- oh no! Shock and Horror, Shock Shock and Horror.

Buy my clips up, and fall prey to my unique style of Domination, where you will never know if you’re going to be dealing with my sweet side, or my sadistic one. The manipulation I use against you is nothing you can prepare yourself for, nor figure out. Just sit back and enjoy. It’s not every day you can be at the feet of a Goddess.

Goddess Posh

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