Foot Torture!

I know you’re one of those boys which dreams about being my own personal slave. It irks a little piece of you that I have a very good boy come over here every day to clean my house, cook me dinner and buy me groceries. It drives that jealousy wild when you realize he gives me his whole paycheck every week. In return he is given the satisfaction of knowing he has done well for his Goddess, he has been selfless and thoughtful and he has worked hard to keep me happy. I know you’re in agony wishing it could be you instead. I thought I’d throw you a little bone, maybe give you a taste of what you’re missing and rub it in a bit.

This clip I made shows my gorgeous feet from the subs perspective. It starts with you on the floor looking at me in my shoes as I taunt you, until I remove them and find my feet are dirty! Ooops.. and then it shows the very slave who comes here daily, the one you wish you could be, as I refuse to let him touch my perfect immaculate feet- it’s almost as if it’s you looking at my toes, holding my pink soles in your palms, bringing me pleasure. Of course it ends with him handing me $300.00 in cash. Oh if only you could be so lucky, but alas,  you are just a lonely old pervert sitting on the PC without the courage to take any action. Awww too bad!

Foot Torture Preview

Full clip is 10 minutes and available here:

Financial domination is my main focus, it gets me off as you know. I have much financial lust, and those who serve me are required to quench my thirst. I’m not only interested in it, but I won’t just take on a fetishist. Those who serve me must also have a craving for financial slavery, and we will incorporate other forms of kink/BDSM as well. If you don’t understand then you aren’t a financial slave and we aren’t compatible. Those who know how it feels to experience that relationship are drawn to me and together we will explore the deepest realms of servitude.

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