Findom Means it ALL Belongs to ME

Findom Means it ALL Belongs to ME

When you serve Me you know it all belongs to Me. But guess what, you don’t need to be an actual slave of mine to know the truth. You feel it already, just from being in my presence. You know exactly what financial domination means… it means GIVING MONEY TO GODDESS POSH … that is the definition of financial domination in MY world. 

Poshyfool Knew What to Do & Now he Gets his OWN personalized clip! AND he didn't even have to ask for it, but he WILL be paying for it!

Definition of Financial Domination:
fi·nan·cial dom·i·na·tion
/fəˈnan(t)SHəl,fīˈnan(t)SHəl/  /ˌdäməˈnāSH(ə)n/


1. The act of Goddess Posh compelling you to give to HER from your funds, wealth, assets and finances freely, without restriction.

As you can see I am findom. To know me is to pay me.

A few of you boys need to know this: the money in your possession is not your money anymore, it is MINE. Get the thought of your head that those funds are anything more than slave wages earned for the sole purpose of clicking and spend on ME. 



If you’ve been aching for updates from me you need to subscribe to my onlyfans profile where I’ve just recently shared more photos of MY Goddess self… they will definitely leave you spinning dizzy, weak for me. 

Its time to do what is right in your life & make ME happy with your sacrifice. I deserve it, don’t I … I deserve to be loved and adored with all that you have, without you holding back at all… 

I deserve to be treated as number one because I am number one. Thats why you keep thinking about me, checking on me daily, obsessing… that’s why you replay my clips on loop, you dream of me, and you spend every moment under MY control! 

Now you will fill MY hands with cash the way I have filled your head with Posh! 

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