Welcome to Your Demise. Other wise known as YOUR DESTRUCTION at the hands of a beautiful, and powerful Fem Domme. I am the Goddess in your nightmares,& the devil in your dreams.

I alter your universe in order to make it fit with mine. As a weak, helpless, addicted pet you will find yourself completely delighted at the prospect of serving Me. It matters not who you are, you will fall prey to my feminine charms & my naturally superior intellect.

It feels good to be on your knees worshiping Me, doesn’t it.

MEMBERS ONLY JOURNAL: To read MY journal you’ll need full access. The ONLY way you can get access is to register and I approve it. I will approve it ONLY after you have paid the $200 for a lifetime membership!

NF PAY2VIEW for VIP access!!!!!CLICK & SPEND



I am the enlightened Indigo Goddess of higher awareness. Serving me is a gift to yourself, one of which you will not be taking for granted. I require total devotion to MY pleasure from all of those beneath me, puppet boy. I love to use my heightened sensitivity to pick up on your energy and MANIPULATE your mind!

I find pleasure in reading tarot and having it read to me. It’s so much fun to focus all on ME ME ME. My long time serving pet brokensoul has gone broke BECAUSE OF ME ages ago (though he still sends whatever he has every month) and yet I still find use for him. I put him to work reading tarot for me! It’s his job to focus on My energy, to focus on MY whims, to focus on MY pleasure and you know what dear little EXCITED reader, it is YOUR job too! I know you love it!

I love to have boys going as far into debt for me as they can. I love to know you’re sacrificing as much as you can all for ME. When you have a credit card max out because of My greed I feel so delighted. When you extend the credit or apply for another I am filled with extreme joy. I love to see you suffering in the name of Posh.

My ultimate fantasy is to have a harem of  MONEY toys!

The best way to learn about me is through serving ME. I expect full disclosure of your finances. I will always, ALWAYS, put ME first. Which means if you have stupid bills you’re concerned about I probably will NOT care! Instead I will take your very last dollar and let you go to the local welfare and bleed your state dry hahaha. Why should I go without just so you can have water? I don’t think so puppet boy. I am entitled, deserving and I know what I want and you ARE addicted!

How you can serve Me:

1. I always accept cash tributes from GOOD boys. Morons and losers have no amount of money which will keep me interested. I only accept GOOD BOY MONEY SLAVES into MY circle.

2. Webcam sessions don’t happen. I go on cam when I feel like it, and I have to be very inspired. To even think about cam you would need to have $500 set aside as that is the minimum ($100 a minute) and THEN I expect you to have a card available as I will take myself shopping while you stare in worship and I ignore you.

3. You may call me on the phone via http://www.niteflirt.com/perfectly+posh which is VERY secure and safe. I probably won’t want to hear anything you have to say, especially not your icky fantasies. Instead I’ll tell you all about how much fun I have spending money YOU worked for!

The best way to serve me is to always be a good boy & obey my commands.

A good place to become acquainted with Me is through my Deity of Ruin series of blog posts and pay2view mails and recordings!

Deity of Ruin

I also would adore watching you travel down my Vortex of Financial Slaughter! I love to watch my Niteflirt account going up and up and up while you are going deeper and deeper into debt!

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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