Financial Domination Clip Previews

My financial domination clips are known for the strong effect they have on the will of a boy..with my intellect, beauty, unrelenting power and so alluring, so addicting voice I easily turn you into nothing but a mushy minded relaxed incapable of saying no love struck drone with MY Venus Sway (brainwash method) superior hypnosis skills and of course I just have that special something about me that draws you in so easily. I keep my entire collection of financial domination mindfuck clips available for my very indoctrinated puppets but I also have a very dangerous collection of clips and mp3’s available for all of you to buy!! You can find them on my goodbye’s page, or on my clips4sale studio. Once you begin to watch my hypnotic mind altering life changing clips you will not want to stop. To get access to the entire Posh collection of hypnotic financial domination clips you can always email me and request to be one of my VIP but of course, be ready to take your wallet out like a good drone and pay up!


Because I know these little snippets will make you crave even more of my brand of financial domination and mindwash I have set up a hypnotic trap for you by allowing you to view the preview to some of my clips right here on this page as much as you can handle.. watch me over and over, obsess, grow addicted, and become so consumed you can’t stop… then you’ll be begging to be VIP because you need EVERY bit of me that you can get. You need my special programming, that turns you into a helpless robot. You need my greedy will to overpower and dominate you, to put you into your place. Little slave addict, come crawl to me in eager submission.

Thank me for giving you this opportunity to have a taste of my mindfuck with a tribute! Send gift cards and emails to


A Slippery Slide Into Addiction

Joy Ride

The Wicked Church of Seduction


My Luxury Is Your Prerogative


Ruthless Financial Acquisition


Warped Boy Brain for 2011


Sexy Breasts Own You

Helpless Infatuation

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