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Money Slavery to Goddess Posh is not the question, it is the answer.

CAUTION: POSHMESSIAH.COM is designed to trigger your natural primal responses of raw weakness and lust, leaving you depleted of all defenses and vulnerable to the persuasions and influence of a sexy vixen whose desires for you are seductively wicked and make you crave the abuse even more.

WARNING: you will be exposed to my brainwashing, and you will fall prey to my greedy will. You will become a DRONE programmed to SPEND SPEND SPEND all of your slave wages on ME.. your financial domination Goddess and you will LOVE me, WORSHIP me, and ADORE me even more for it all.





This is the FAQ page of my financial domination website.




The Holy Word of Goddess Posh

Posh Financial Domination

Meditation with Goddess

Gifts for Goddess

Men are SLAVES & slaves PAY

Season of the Siren Femme Fatale Film Series

i Want Goddess Posh



My Fetish Interest:

Financial Domination is my main interest, which in MY HOUSE means you are a helpless and mindless wallet that can’t help but to OBEY my every greedy command and demand. When I want MORE you always immediately submit and hand it over.

I also love:

Mind Control

Goddess Worship


Female Domination

Female Supremacy

Brainwashing (THE VENUS SWAY)

Creating Hypnotic Films

Body Worship

Breast Worship

Shopping TOGETHER!


Sleep Deprivation

Foot Worship

Every fetish that I love I practice at my discretion in MY way only. I do not cater to foot fetishists for instance, but when I have a slave who has a weakness for feet I will use it to my advantage as I want. That is the POWER of being Me, the POWERFUL POSH GODDESS.


I accept amazon gift cards to

I accept LOVE NOTES and LETTERS OF ADMIRATION as long as they are filled with CASH!

Send envelopes of MY money to:

Posh Perfect
Po Box 156
Hamilton Mi

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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