Financial Domination

Money Slavery to Goddess Posh is not the question, it is the answer.

Know that I am an elite Financial Domme, my expectations do not center around what you would want from a Goddess, but instead are focused on what I want for MYSELF! And what could an entitled, sophisticated, wickedly hypnotic Goddess want for herself out of a WEAK mushy minded boy like you but to completely and utterly empty you of all your hard earned money. You see I find pleasure in your financial sacrifice, and you find purpose in MY pleasure. You find yourself, who you truly are, when you are looking up into my big hypnotic eyes and see the reflection of you humbled, soul bared for me, kneeling with your wallet out.. all of you exposed to all of me.  As a Money Domme I’m interested in being served by your wallet. You go to work, you earn and then I BURN it! Mmmmmm!!

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The path we are on together can be short and sweet, with a fast hard binge that leaves us both satisfied and both primed and ready for our next encounter or it can be a long drawn out relationship that explores total submission to me.. from your wallet, to your life. Every part of you loyal to your Goddess, every part of you wired to SERVE and through time develop a bond that is unique, special and can not be undone. Whether you are serving me hard and fast, or slow and sweet… you will be SERVING me and that is the important part. That you are dominated by my very essence so much so that you can’t resist falling to your knees and losing total control over yourself at my hands. My greed knows no bounds, and your desire to pleasure me doesn’t either.



Financial Domination with me means you will be compelled to serve my financial lust, even if it means you’re hurting. It means you will become addicted to being near me, to interacting with me, to spending your slave wages on me no matter what it is I want. In fact the more I want, the more you want to give. Yes, giving to Goddess Posh is the highlight of your life, when you are MY money slave. I know you want to be a money slave for me, just as I want you to be, because it excites me. It pleasures me! Could you imagine ever being in MY shoes? Of course you can’t begin to come close to understanding, but it is amazing.

You are the yin to my yang, when I want to be spoiled and adored you will come crawling glad to be of service. When I want to make you bleed cash for me until you’re completely dried out, you will beg to slice that wallet open yourself. This is what I do to you, I turn you into an addict that can’t live without suffering for my financial desires. When I want your heart to beat only for me, to beat faster and harder only when I have my greedy hands buried deep in your wallet, you will  have no choice but to comply. You didn’t stumble across the captivating alluring, albeit dangerous, financial domination site of GODDESS POSH by mistake. You’re here because you’re meant to be here, for me. For MY use. For MY abuse. For whatever I see fit, you see I am the QUEEN of this world. In this world you are but a 

You have found me for a reason. I have pulled you in and shown you the path you were always meant to be on. The path to personal salvation through financial sacrifice to Goddess Posh. I know how much you need and want to be my addict. Yes, I will drain your wallet, yes I will make you love me even more for the financial abuse I put you through, and yes I will show you NO MERCY as I pluck hundreds after hundreds after thousands of dollars from you.

As a Financial Domme I believe I deserve to have the BEST of everything. If I want it, I expect to HAVE IT and I expect it to be one of my wallets that provides it. Relax your body and mind, feel at ease, because you are where you were always meant to be. Right here in MY domain.. right here under MY spell.. right here OBSESSING over the thought of giving it all to me. Mmm that’s a good boy. I expect you to visit my findom journal, mindfuck clip store, and niteflirt often!

Now I want you to kneel, I want you to read my holy words, and I want you to OBEY. I want you to be MY helpless weak willed puppet that just can’t resist giving me every last dime that you’ve earned. Time has shown that I always get what I want, out of life and out of you boys. I’m experienced at being SERVED and having MY way.

Look deep into my eyes. Feel yourself sinking into the azure pools of magnetized power. Already you are well aware that I am a Goddess. Truly, you don’t need for me to tell you. Its felt from your very core as you gaze upon my beauty. It is a natural instinctive 

reaction, one which you can not ignore. And so you sink, slowly, to your knees in awe of me.

Your thoughts run in circles, the same cycle repeating itself, trying to decide between running away and staying. If you’re smart you’ll just let it sweep over you knowing that you couldn’t possibly escape now. To ignore those desires would leave you even more vulnerable, your fall would be an even harder one. I’ve taken place in your thoughts, you haven’t even realized it yet but I am in there. When you think you are safe, when you think you have outsmarted the Goddess you’ll realize that I am on your mind constantly. You’ll drive yourself crazy until you can’t take it anymore.

It will dawn on you that this really isn’t about you after all. It will hit you like a hammer to the groin that you have been incredibly self-centered. You’ll soon find yourself detesting how selfish you have been. You’ll want nothing more than to prove to Me that you do cherish and adore Me as I deserve. This is about Goddess. Everything is about Goddess. You understand you are here for the sole purpose of becoming just another Apostle in my Flock.

The shift from yourself to another person is phenomenal. Finally, you are without a blindfold and your purpose has become clear to you. Sacrifice, Serve, Submit & Starve for Goddess. All for Goddess. Everything for Goddess.

I know you’re ready to be a good financial slave for me, the Money Goddess of your desires. I know you’re desperate to pleasure me with your full submission on your knees with your wallet placed eagerly into my more than deserving hands.

To begin you need to show me how weak you are and how much you appreciate my beauty, my wisdom, and my dominance over you. I will allow you the privilege of sending me a giftcard to my email address from any of the following links, just perfect for a Goddess like myself.

This is just the start of your journey, a long and fulfilling one or a brief and hot fling, either way you WILL give me what I want.

Call me on my financial domination phone line so you can hear my soft delicious voice as I drain you dry.

Remember, MY luxury is your prerogative. You’re going to be a good boy and shop from my MUST have list aren’t you. That’s a good financial puppet for me, good boy. I knew you couldn’t resist giving into your Financial Domme.

come on puppet, do that dance for me

See it was so easy to just give in to Me.

Goddess Worship


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