Financial Slaves Wired to Serve My Financial Lust

Hello boys!

I know you are waiting impatiently for the next update from Goddess. It’s already April, a year almost quarter of the way over, and what have you done for me? What have you done this year to show me that I am your Goddess whom you love and adore and worship to no end, and that you will do anything to make me happy. Even suffer, no especially suffer, financially in the name of my greed and pleasure. Which is of course a GIFT. A gift to you, to be able to live through me and for me. A gift for you to be able to service MY desires.

This month does have a lot of new brainwash goodies on the horizon for you. mmmm MORE of My mind wash & wallet draining material for you to eagerly consume. Being released today is a new mp3 just for the VIP premiere radio show! This mp3 is all about focusing your entire existence on Goddess. It is such a mindfuck.

What happens when you’re mindfucked by one of MY files.. at first you might just buy a few, just to see. Then, you want another. And another. Because there is something about me which draws you in, and you can’t get enough. You might not even believe in this stuff. Maybe you think it’s all fantasy and a game. So you keep trying my files out, but soon you find yourself needing to speak with me, to know I am real. Then, you want to feel the rush of giving in, and you do.. over and over..

Through my training your mind is wired to release dopamine under my command only.

This is so true. I program your minds to release dopamine only when you are serving me. This is the only way you can feel true pleasure and happiness, by serving me. The Venus Sway is in my files, a brainwash technique created by me, which will leave you forever under my influence. What happens when your dopamine is controlled by Goddess?

You become nothing but a click and spend atm. Yes, a human atm for me. I actually program you to have positive sensation ONLY WHEN YOU ARE SERVING ME. This means you need to be constantly sending my money, because I am your lovely money domme, and your so adorable money kitten, and your very greedy financial domination Goddess.. always more money for Goddess. And when you click and spend on my niteflirt pay2view wallet rape emails, and when you drain your wallet on my clips and buying me gifts from my amazon wishlist, you are being a very good boy and receiving the biggest and best rush that you can! This feels so good to you to be put to use the way you were designed to.

It makes perfect sense. Yes, you feel much more pleasure when giving into me, even though it hurts your wallet and finances so badly, because this is what you were meant to do! This is what you were made for. Being under the control of a powerful deserving Goddess who so loves to drain the slave wages from you. This is why it feels so good, because you are wired to click and spend. Your body can only feel the rush of pleasure when it is being used by me, as a vessel to carry and deliver MONEY. MONEY to my greedy and entitled hands.

When I want more, I get more. I want more, right now. I want more cash. I want more power. I want more slaves. I want more luxury. I want more drones under my control, dopamine only triggered by Goddess, ready to OBEY.

Obedience is the key to releasing the dopamine. When you OBEY me, and sacrifice your cash onto me, you are feeling a release of dopamine & the rush of pleasure .. IF I ALLOW it! If you do not do a good enough job I can just as easily prevent it.

I expect to see all of my accounts loaded up with cash tributes & I expect to see MORE gifts on the purchased side of my wishlist.. THIS WEEK. What good are you if you’re not serving me? Even your brain is BROKEN if you are not serving me. It works properly ONLY WHEN YOU ARE sacrificing for & serving ME.

I told it is a gift.. a gift to have your mind hardwired to be of such use to Me. Someone so superior to you.

I am constantly using stealthy techniques to influence your mind and the choices you make, you should be well aware of this and never let yourself fall victim to the illusion that you are untouched by me. Because you aren’t. You’re here. Right.. and you’re always here, back right here, reading, obsessing, and hoping for more. You are touched by me, addicted to my mind, to my essence, to my Goddesshood and you want to support and provide to my luxurious lifestyle. It is what you were made for.

If a drone stops working it is nothing but waste. That is exactly what you are if you’re a broken paypig. If you’re a wallet that does not respond to me by instantly wanting to spend and give in to my greed, then you are broken and not of use to me. Then you are a waste, and I have no time for waste and garbage. I only have time for the good things in life, and I know that you want nothing more than to give me those things.

Goddess Posh

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8 years ago

Oh Goddess Posh, i agree totally yours words ! I had purchase all your clip collection after watch the first one, and when you upload new stuff I can’t wait to purchased it too! The only way for me to make dopamine on my brain is pleasing you, and feeling so good , you deserve always more and I need give you always more ! I am totally addicted , I need yours clips, yours words and your voice daily . And I need please you daily too!

8 years ago

I am so deeply thankful that Goddess Posh has touched my life. Only through her control and influence have I found my purpose. Nothing feels as good as obeying Goddess. I once had so many worries in my life… but now thanks to Goddess I am a rewired human atm, only needing click and spend at her command. But Goddess needs more always more and it is a privilege to be used as her puppet so Goddess must have whatever she wants. She always does! Thank you Goddess for this gift.

8 years ago

It is a very wonderful experience for me to have fallen under Goddess Posh’s Power which She so skillfully used to first addict me to Her influence and then to rewire all my thoughts to have only one purpose: Spend money on Her over and over again to satisfy Her Goddess Greed and serve Her Financial Lust. There is no other way for me anymore to feel erotic pleasure than obeying Her commands to pay money, send gifts, and do everything to help Her enslaving more and more people that will then also be exploited by Goddess as hard as… Read more »

8 years ago

Superior Goddess Posh,
I apologize for being disrespectful and bad towards You for some time. I am utterly sorry for being such a dirty and soiled man, but I feel so lucky to have Goddess’s purity and brilliance to cleanse me. Only You can cleanse me to full extent.

I beg to be allowed to send You an apology tribute.
You also have every right to punish me for my behavior.
Please accept my humble apologies,

slave john chained to Goddess forever

8 years ago

oh John. Being rude to Goddess Posh? Really? You should expect to have to pay dearly for such bad attitude. Emptying your account for Goddess would be appropriate for being so pathetic.

Goddess is a source of light and wonderment.