Financial Slaves WILL Serve or SUFFER

Okay boys who adore me, who worship me, who obsess on my website daily. Okay you pets who can’t get enough of my spell, who are so addicted and so helpless without me, who can’t function without a daily dose of GODDESS POSH.

I want a new computer and if I do not get the money for it from YOU boys by 24 hours from NOW you will all be punished. Collectively pay for MY computer, or collectively be punished as I will easily rip the needle from your vein and cut you all off from your addiction. And believe me, withdrawal is NOT easy.

My computer is the link that connects my creative and wicked mind to your helpless and weak one – if you expect me to continue pumping you full of my deliciously addictive venom you WILL supply the cash to get me another BETTER computer as this one is on it’s last leg and I refuse to spend MY money on something for YOU.

It’s your JOB to make Goddess happy. If I don’t have a new computer on the way by 24 hours from now I will pull the plug.

This is on top of your regular tributes of course. So send your normal regular tributes to me and on top of it contribute to MY computer.

It’s SO easy! If you expect me to continue allowing you the gift of worshiping and obsessing over me, you will be a good boy and you will contribute to MY happiness. I don’t like this computer anymore, it’s icky and if I have to keep using it to go online then I’ll end all activity and even delete what’s already up just to punish you hahaha.

Here is my wishlist, go to it and BUY the computer at the very top- the iMac!!
Buy Goddess A Computer

If you can’t afford my computer, but most likely you CAN & you’re just being selfish which is SO wrong, you can send giftcards from to

YES I already have a $1200 giftcard balance but

    why would I use MY money to buy something for YOU

. NO NO NO. You’re going to send the full $1200 in giftcard money or buy the computer so I will be using your SLAVE WAGES to keep the flow of addiction juice running down your throat.. you got it boys.

You pets are on automatic for me, your minds so mushy and so wired to serve MY happiness I know you’re going to jump at the chance to give me exactly what I want. I know you can’t help but to click & spend like good worker bee’s, eager to supply Goddess with what she deserves. You’re weak and you’re made for one reason- to serve MY pleasure because I am a GODDESS and I always get whatever I want. Don’t I boys.. Goddess always receives whatever she wants from you WEAK helpless pets. You’re lucky to serve me!

Then you’re going to go and buy my new LIPSTICK IGNORE clip for $99.99 and you’ll watch it for the full 1 minute 30 seconds that it is and you’ll be GRATEFUL to have sent me $100 just to be ignored! You’ll THANK ME for it!

And THEN you’ll go and you’ll buy the fifth and final part to my Money Slave for Life Series & you’ll watch it on LOOP while you bow to me on your humble sub knees in awe of MY power.

Remember, tis the season pets .. Clicking & Spending on Goddess is second nature. It’s your life force and you love it.

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Broken Soul
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Broken Soul

Goddess Posh is more than an addiction. To be used by Her, abused by Her, is the ultimate sexual experience. It feels so good to be Her weak bitch. Years of indoctrination has corrupted my psyche to feed off my own destruction and ruination. i need it. i can rationalise, reason that this is somehow wrong, but i cannot escape that it is my fate and it was since i first saw Her and heard Her sexy voice seducing me to acts of debasement. Since then She has deep seeded so many vulnerabilities and rewired my thought processes on an… Read more »