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Financial Slaves in the Mood to GIVE to GODDESS

Hello boysssssss-

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, but more importantly it’s the day before the day before Black Friday – so get your credit cards out & remember who you just LOVE to pamper! Me.

I want more giftcards to sent to & I want more tributes of cash via paypal & greendot, although actually my greendot is at it’s $2500 limit SO I’m going to have to go and withdraw some of the cash first. Go buy the codes anyway, and when I get back I’ll be ready to load it onto my card. Mmmm – more money for Poshy .. that is your FAVORITE thing to say.

My poetry book has been selling very well among the subs and slaves of this scene. It’s come SO close to going into the top 10k on the US rank and then it doesn’t sell again overnight and falls back down into the 20ks.. grrr! So your mission is to see me succeed in life and you would do anything to make that happens, which means going & purchasing this book if you haven’t already. So you know I only expect subs & slaves to buy it, I really doubt anyone else on the planet would have interest in some unknown persons kinky thoughts lol. But, I know you boys just LOVE reading my words..

If you do not have a kindle you can get a kindle app for free here:

Then you can go HERE & buy the book – (click on the HERE) – by the way all of the reviews are authentic. The readers just feel compelled to leave one, although not all of you have. However, most new books don’t receive that many reviews in such a short time, so I guess that makes me special now doesn’t it.

I’ve now done two live radio broadcasts and have kept the previous recorded show on loop. If you missed the two live ones they will be available to VIP just as soon as I can get around to it. So if you’re not VIP you can join by sending $200 designated to that, and then you will have full access like all the other good boys do.


I know you are all going to show thanks to me, for my wonderful act of giving of myself to you to worship and adore. I know you feel compelled to be a good boy and send my cash and gifts.

This week John sent $1300 in cash & gifts so I decided until he sends another 10k he won’t be allowed to cum. He is now my financial bitch in chastity, completely under MY control & I have him by the balls. But this old man just LOVES it.

John sent $1300 but my German pet Nickcover only sent $100 hmmm – does anyone think this is totally wrong other than ME..

Step it up Germany, you’re falling behind all the other boys & I want my cash.

A new boy, Scott, called me on niteflirt for 100 minutes.. he couldn’t get enough of MY voice. At $4.99 a minute that’s just shy of $500 but do you think I am done there.. never.

I have received so many $50 and $100 giftcards and deposits all week long I can’t remember them all!

David of Arizona is back and sent $75 on greendot & then $200 on greendot & then he bought me a kindle and a case for it AND he sent me I think it was $150 in giftcards on amazon .. mmm good boy, finally starting to come around and show me how much you ADORE me! It’s a good start but I know there is plenty more where that came from and I know you’re going to be thinking of me ALL day on Thanksgiving and how much you are just DYING to give to me!

I took the last of broken souls money, again. He had zero left after I was done with him, so then he had to call his girlfriend in Germany at 3am her time & wake her up to beg for help haha. I made him.. I told him that if he really wanted to prove himself he would have to humiliate himself for me by acting pathetic and crying like a bitch on the phone to his girlfriend. Of course he couldn’t resist. She actually sent him fifteen quid for 2 for 1 pizza at Dominos – it just cracks me up.

Hooker pet is back and he felt compelled to send me $100 on clipvia plus a gift on amazon and not to mention he had a lot of clips to catch up on! He is going to record himself  this time on the tube talking about how his wife sleeps with other men, and he keeps his tiny all locked up in a cage and how he would rather stay up all night obsessing over me than to have sex with her anyway.

Fool for Poshy has once again tried to run for the hills.. silly him. We all know he is going to trip and fall and roll alllll the way back down into my clutches where he belongs. Mmm, although he did manage to send 3 or 400 in paypal tributes before he fled this time.

You can’t really see it well but this was the package my kindle from David came in- you see he had it gift wrapped which is how I like ALL of my presents. I love my kindle by the way, although nothing can replace the feeling of books in my hands which is such a great sensation for me, I like having the kindle for traveling & the games on it.

There is another new boy named George who purchased the whole Money Slave for Life series on clipvia as soon as I released it, of course.. he also sent tributes & bought the poetry book. I am expecting him to sink deeper and deeper with time, as all of you have. You’ve all proven to be QUITE weak for me and incapable of resisting my spell.


Oh johnnn .. mr chastity, you know we agreed that 10k would get you another orgasm but I started thinking that it would be fun to release your info all over my web site anyway. Just to torment you, because after all you ARE a weak bitch and you wouldn’t be able to stop me. It could give me a good giggle. Maybe if you are an extremely GOOD BOY today I’ll change my mind..

Remember boys, I want MORE giftcards & MORE cash – today!!

Goddess Posh




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Goddess Posh, thank You for honouring me with a mention. i am unworthy of You, i worship You always and forever and i am nothing before You but a bitch on his knees begging to be used. You have total power over me, and You always will. my mind is Yours and i love You even as You destroy me.

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