Financial Masochist Love Call

Have you been keeping an eye on my clip stores? I’ve updated them much this month, as a little fuel for your addiction & it has kept you SO pliable for ME. As you know I prefer cash over gifts any day, but when I do want gifts I expect them- immediately. Its your role to supply me with whatever I want, whenever I want it and I know you wouldn’t want to be a failure.. now would you.

I produced a new file which was meant to be an epic audio/visual hypno file, however the visual was just SO intense it wouldn’t save! I saved it as audio only and it’s just as powerful.

Masochistic Love Call

The photo on this one is actually from the previous clip, so if you haven’t yet, get both!

Also as it turns out with the Fredericks list it asks for a shipping address even though I have one on my account, so instead of being able to shop from it for me boys have just been sending my cash which of course I have yet to spend because I never spend my own money! ha.


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