Financial Goddess INSPIRES women & MINDFUCKS you..

Don’t believe in the power of brainwashing? I am SO good at brainwashing people (not just men) that the women on clips4sale are beginning to spread the word of POSH. By trying to mimic me on their clips they are making it fairly obvious that they agree- the POSH METHOD is the BEST method for brainwashing men into money pets. I inspire other women to better themselves, isn’t that so lovely of me? I am such a trend setter, and always have been. People just can’t help following suit. I think it’s so cute how women are trying to emulate me, of course, they only deepen the addiction to Posh when boys realize that when a clip is $3 instead of $30 it doesn’t get the job done.

Since I encourage all women to find their natural power and do what works for THEM, I have no problems with it. Soon they will realize that the POSH METHOD works so well for me because it’s MY method, and will hopefully strive to find their OWN methods. I’m going to go ahead and encourage these women to become independent creative resources, because if you want to be a successful financial dominant you have to be YOURSELF and I want other women to succeed. I know that I don’t have competition, there is nobody like ME, no matter how hard they try. I have nothing to worry about, I am simply amazing.

Which reminds me of the fantastic new clip I made (EDGING), it is 33 minutes long & after an hour saving to my computer and over 2 hours uploading to clips4sale it is available at $2.00 a minute. That makes it a grand whopping total of $70.00 (yes I can do math, I round up silly) but I am considering raising the price to 99.99 (as high as c4s goes). I only want to attract the RIGHT type of buyer to EDGING anyway. Only men with money deserve to have THIS file, as it is truly priceless. While watching it Andrew went and ordered another credit card all for ME & he extended the credit on his existing card (one of them.. ).. MY cards. Isn’t that FABULOUS. Oh Andrew, do you have to try and resist so hard, when I am everything & I am entitled to ONLY the best. A woman of MY caliber shouldn’t ever have to ASK or DEMAND cash, it’s simply GIVEN to me by hard-working men who know that they don’t deserve it nearly as much as I do.

Edging is MY style of tease and denial. I don’t tease your ‘manhood’ and then deny you an orgasm. I tease your wallet and then deny you release.. by the end you are so weak, it doesn’t matter what I say as long as you hear the golden words “send me MY money now puppet”..

I am so skilled in the art of brainwashing and mindfucking you out of your money- you are going to think you LOVE it and NEED it.. because you do. It’s part of WHO you are! Edging will push you to that edge and make you WANT to fall.. make you NEED to fall and just when you think you’re about to cascade into a dizzy rush of submission I rip it away from you. I work you up over and over until you are BEGGING to be used the way you were meant to be. Mmmm.. I always get what I want in the end.

financial domination edging with Goddess Posh

EDGING is available here & here

Also, to Mr France – don’t be shy. I know you loved the what.. 14 files of mine you purchased. You are just asking for a hardcore brainfuck and wallet rape at THAT rate!

Serving ME is JUST LIKE HEAVEN. Just let go and allow yourself to float as you feel my power rushing through your body and draining you of all control. I know I throw the same songs on here often, oh well.. to know me is to love me and that means you love MY music too. I think it so fitting..

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