Financial Goddess Corrupts you Into GIVING MORE!

Oh how much you LOVE to have your boy brain all liquified by me, to be turned into a PUDDLE of HELPLESS WEAKNESS for me… mmmm what force I have, what power I have, for you to be struck down by. Your thoughts are a combination of my images, words, videos and voice… they melt together and become the sweetest most intoxicating obsession one could ever have. The obsession with all things Goddess Posh doesn’t feel bad, it feels good. This is right, this is normal. To fall down for me, spiraling into addiction and financial slavery, is just the next phase in your journey.

I know you all admire me so greatly, you have watched me for years succeed amazingly at draining wallets and keeping men my love-struck financial slaves. I’ve made many of you into nothing more than a helpless drone, programmed to fulfill my wishes and I’ve used all my own original brainwash programming & branding on you boys. I’ve been original from the beginning and I continue to show off my numerous talents on my website. This is what you will worship. This is what you will be impressed by and inspired by. You will be transformed into an even deeper addict than you are now as you come to understand just how incredible I truly am.

I inspire in you a deep love for ME. When you see me you feel that pitter patter in your heart that only love can bring, that rush of joy and crash of pleasure, the tingling of excitement… and you fall. You fall hard for me over and over. I can do nothing wrong in your eyes. I am simply divine feminine superiority that you must submit to. When I desire MORE from you, it inspires you to do more, be more, GIVE more!

yessssss– watch this video on loop, obsess over me. Just the most simplest of clips and I am in your head taking over, making you crave to DO MORE, BE MORE, GIVE MORE!



Some of you VIP have asked for early release of Lullaby in Lust the full hour film. I’ve decided to cash in on your EAGERNESS by offering it up now (2 days early) to those who have my paypal address, and of course I’ll be taking a little bit extra for it… those boys that value me above their wallets will be VERY happy to hear this. The rest of you don’t deserve to even be acknowledged.

The soundtrack for Lullaby in Lust includes 3 original songs featuring My siren VOICE:

1. Slumber Mind

2. Captive Soul

3. My Eyes Lobotomize

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Poshatized & Mesmerized

Oh thank you Goddess Posh for this short video!
Yours words are so right ! I fee totally what you describe, an addictiction going deeper and deeper day by day, and of course i totally.fall in love in Goddess Posh,….

Super Member
Legendary DRONE

Serving Goddess Posh is an honor. She invests heavily in shaping our brains just right, and we minions need only obey and serve as we are intended to do.

Poshatized Puppet
Active Member
Under the Influence
Poshatized Puppet

Being dominated by Goddess Posh is a unique experience. She knows how to get in your head and how to make you Her puppet.